Living Things Quiz for Grade 1

Living Things are ⁤incredibly fascinating. As kids, we learn about living things in grade school and grade ⁤1 is the starting point. Here’s an interesting quiz to test your knowledge and‍ brush up on the basics of living things.‌ Let’s begin!

Questions & Answers

Q1: What is the scientific name ‍for frog?

Options: ⁢
A: Canis lupus
B: Panthera leo
C: Gallus gallus
D: Rana temporaria

Answer: D: Rana temporaria

Q2: What is a group of​ frogs called?

A: Prickle
B: ⁤Herd
C: Bunch
D: Army

Answer: D: Army

Q3: What is the scientific name for a lobster?

A: ‌Caenorhabditis elegans
B: Homarus americanus
C: Apis mellifera
D: Rhinoceros unicornis‌

Answer: B: Homarus americanus

Q4: What is the second largest reptile ⁤in the world?

A: Saltwater crocodile
B: Komodo dragon
C: Green ‌sea turtle
D: Leatherback sea turtle ⁤

Answer: A: ⁢Saltwater crocodile

Q5: What are baby ducks called?

A: Ducklings
B: Squeakers​
C: Yips
D: Peeks

Answer: A: ‌Ducklings

Q6: What is the largest mammal?

A: African elephant ⁣
B: Killer whale ​
C: Blue whale
D: Polar ⁤bear

Answer: C: Blue‌ whale

Q7: What is ⁢a group of‌ toads called?

A: Swarm
B: Knot
C: Army
D: Knot ⁣

Answer: C: ⁤Army

Q8: What is the largest species of monkeys?

A: Spider monkey
B: Gorilla⁣
C: Crab-eating​ macaque⁢
D: ‌Chimpanzee

Answer: B: Gorilla

Q9: What are baby rabbits called?

A: Kitties⁣
B: Kittens
C: Bunnies
D: Kits

Answer: D: Kits

Q10: What is the scientific name for a bee?

A: Rana temporaria
B: Felis catus
C: Apis mellifera
D: Ursus maritimus

Answer: C: Apis mellifera

Q11: What ⁤is⁢ the smallest ⁤mammal ⁣in the world?

A: Pygmy mouse lemur
B: Elephant shrew
C: Antechinus ⁢
D: Pygmy marmoset

Answer: D: Pygmy ​marmoset

Q12: What is a group of fishes called?

A: Herd
B: Gaggle
C: School
D: Furnace

Answer: C: School

Q13: What is⁢ the largest type of reptile?

A:‌ Alligator
B: Python
C:⁢ Komodo ⁣dragon
D: Loggerhead sea turtle

Answer: C: Komodo dragon

Q14: What is the ​scientific name for cats?

A: Apis ‌mellifera
B: Ursus arctos
C: Felis catus
D: Ursus ⁣maritimus

Answer: C: Felis catus

Q15: What is a group of wolves called?

A: Pack
B:‌ Herd
C: Flock
D: Troop

Answer: A: Pack

Q16: What is the Latin name for a‌ koala?

A: Thylacinus cynocephalus
B: Sus scrofa
C: Macropus giganteus
D: Bubo bubo

Answer: A: Thylacinus cynocephalus

Q17: What is the scientific name for a horse?

A: Ursus arctos
B: Equus caballus
C: Felis‍ catus
D: Ursus maritimus

Answer: B: Equus caballus

Q18: What is a baby ‌beaver called?

A: Kit
B: Pup
C:‌ Kits
D: Kitten

Answer: A: Kit

Q19: What is the scientific ​name for a cow?

A: Homo sapiens
B: Bovinae
C: Felis‍ catus
D: Ursus⁤ maritimus

Answer:⁢ B: Bovinae

Q20: What is ‌a group of owls called?

A: Exaltation
B:⁢ Parliament⁢
C: Flock
D: Prickle

Answer: B: Parliament

Living things are fascinating yet complex. This quiz tests your basic knowledge about living things. We hope you had ⁢some fun with this quiz and have now added a few interesting facts⁤ to your knowledge reserves. Good luck!

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