Verbs Quiz for Grade 1

Verbs are an integral part of our daily speech and writing. Familiarizing our‍ kids with verbs can ⁣help them become more effective communicators. This grade one verbs quiz ⁢is designed​ to assess ⁢a ​student’s knowledge of verb related concepts. Let’s Test your ⁤kids and check⁢ how much ⁣they’ve learned!

Quiz Questions

Q1. What is a verb?

A: Noun
B: Adjective
C: Adverb
D:⁢ Action ‌word

Answer: D

Q2. What is⁣ the present tense of sing?

A: Singing
B: Sings
C: Singed
D: Sanging ⁣

Answer: B

Q3. What is the ​past tense of go?

A: ⁢Goed
B: Going
C: Gone
D: Went

Answer: D⁣

Q4. What is the ⁢present participle of jump?

A: Jumped⁣
B: Jumping⁣
C: ‌Jumb
D: Jumping

Answer: B

Q5. What is the past participle⁤ of⁤ catch?

A: Catched
B: Caught
C: Catchings
D: Catch

Answer: B‌

Q6. What is the present tense of eat?

A: Eated
B: Eatting⁤
C: Eating
D: Eats

Answer: D

Q7. What is‌ the past⁣ tense of choose?

A: Choosed
B: Chose
C: ⁢Choosen
D: ⁢Chosen

Answer: B ⁢

Q8. What is the present ‌participle of wear?

A: Worn
B: Wearing
C: Wearinged
D: Wearring

Answer: B

Q9. What is the‌ past participle of drive?

A: Drive⁣
B: Drived
C: Driven
D: ⁤Driving

Answer:‌ C

Q10. What ⁤is the present tense of fly?

A: ⁤Flow⁤
B: Fleed
C: Flies⁢
D: Flying

Answer: C

Q11. What is the past tense of take?

A: Tooking
B: Took
C: Taking⁤
D: Takings

Answer: B

Q12. What is⁤ the present participle of read?

A:‍ Red
B:⁣ Reading
C: Readen‍
D: Readed

Answer: B ⁢

Q13. What is the past participle⁢ of hide?

Options: ⁤
A: Hiden
B: Hiding ​
C: Hidden
D: Hide

Answer: C

Q14. What is the present tense of swim?

A: Swimmed
B:​ Swiming ⁣
C: Swims
D: Swimming

Answer: C

Q15.⁣ What is the past tense of cut?

A: Cutting
B: Cuts
C: Cutted‍
D: Cut

Answer: D

Q16.⁣ What is the present participle of jump?

A: Jumpings
B: Jumped
C: Jumps
D: Jumping⁤

Answer: D

Q17. ‍What is the past participle of dream?

A: Dreamed
B:​ Dreamen⁤
C: Dreamt
D: Dreaming

Answer: A

Q18. What is the present tense of make?

Options: ‌
A: Makings
B: Made
C: Make
D: Making

Answer: C

Q19. What is the past tense of⁢ draw?

A: Drawing
B: Drawn
C: Drawed
D: Draw

Answer: B

Q20. ⁢What is the⁣ present ​participle of ​give?

A: ​Giveing
B: ⁣Gived
C: Giveda
D: Giving

Answer: D

Verbs are important⁢ for‍ our language. Assessing the knowledge of verbs is ​important for a grade 1 student’s language foundation. This‍ quiz is a good way to quickly evaluate students’ understanding of verbs.

We hope this ‍quiz helps you evaluate⁢ the level of your children’s understanding of ​verbs. We wish⁢ you and your children ‍all the best in their ⁤language learning ⁢journey!

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