Healthy Food Quiz for Grade 1


It is important for children ‍of Grade 1 ​to ⁣understand different types of healthy foods,⁤ and​ their nutrition value. ​Knowing ⁤what food to eat, and ​why, is⁣ key ‍to good health and wellbeing. This quiz will help the ​students understand ⁢the fundamentals of healthy eating‍ and ⁢why this ​is important.

Q1: Which fruit contains essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin⁣ C, and Potassium?
A:​ Bananas
B: Apples
C: Grapes
D: Strawberries

Answer: A: Bananas

Q2: How much water ⁢should a‍ Grade 1 student drink every day?⁣
A: 1 cup
B: 2 cups
C: 3 cups
D: 4​ cups

Answer: ⁣ D: 4⁢ cups

Q3: What type of food should be eaten in moderation? ⁣
A: Fruits and vegetables
B: ‍Protein
C:‍ Whole grains
D: Sugary⁤ snacks

Answer: D: ⁣Sugary snacks

Q4: What are the benefits of eating healthy?‍
A: Higher energy levels
B:⁢ Lower weight
C: Stronger immunity
D: All of the above

Answer: D: All of‍ the above

Q5: Which type of vegetable is rich ⁣in dietary ‌fiber?
A: Carrots
B:⁣ Tomatoes
C: ‍Broccoli
D: Spinach

Answer: C: Broccoli

Q6: How⁤ much fat should be consumed‌ each day by a Grade 1 student?⁢
A: 10 grams
B: 15 grams
C: 20 grams
D: 25 grams

Answer: B: 15 ⁤grams

Q7:⁤ What type of food‍ contains many⁣ essential vitamins and ⁤minerals?
A: Salty snacks
B: Fruits
C: Sweets
D:​ Fried foods‍

Answer: B: Fruits

Q8: ⁤ What type of ⁢food should be avoided if possible?⁣
A: Fruits
B: Vegetables
C: Processed ‌foods
D: Whole grains

Answer: C: Processed foods

Q9: ⁢ Which type of food provides the body with protein?
A: Nuts
B: ‌Fruits
C: Sweets
D: Dairy products ⁣

Answer: ‍ ‍D: ⁣Dairy​ products

Q10: Which type‍ of food should⁣ be included in a healthy diet ​for a Grade 1 ‍student?
A:⁤ Junk food
B: ​Fruits
C: Sweets​
D: Vegetables

Answer: D: Vegetables

Q11: ‌ Which type of food should not ‍be ‍consumed⁤ every day?
A: Complex carbohydrates
B: Sugary snacks⁢
C: Protein
D: Fruits

Answer: B: Sugary snacks

Q12: Why‌ is it⁣ important to eat healthy foods?
A: To prevent ⁣disease
B: To look good ​
C: ​To feel energized
D: All of⁢ the above

Answer: D: All of the above

Q13: Which type of food contains healthy fats?
A: Dairy products​
B: Fruits
C: Sugary snacks
D: Fried foods

Answer: A: Dairy products

Q14: Which type of food should be ⁣limited in a healthy diet? ⁢
A: Dairy products
B:‌ Fruits
C: Caffeinated drinks
D: Whole ‌grains

Answer: C: Caffeinated drinks

Q15: Which type ​of ‍food contains carbohydrates?⁢
A: Nuts
B:‌ Fruits
C: Sweets
D: All of the above

Answer: D: All ​of the ​above

Q16: Which type of food should⁤ be consumed in⁣ moderation?
A: Fruits
B: Vegetables​
C: Processed foods
D: ‍Dairy products

Answer: C: ⁣Processed foods

Q17:⁢ What is the benefit of eating a variety of⁢ healthy‌ foods?
A: Higher energy levels
B: Lower weight
C: Stronger immunity
D: ⁢All ⁣of the above

Answer: D: All of the above

Q18: ​ Which type⁣ of ​food ‌is an important source of Vitamin C?
A: Apples
B: Bananas
C: Grapes
D: Strawberries

Answer: D: Strawberries

Q19: Which type of food is high in saturated fat?
A: Dairy products
B: ‌Fruits
C: ‍Processed foods
D: Whole ​grains

Answer: A: Dairy products

Q20: ‌ Which ⁤type of food ⁢should ⁢a Grade 1 ⁢student eat every day?‍
A: Sugary ‍snacks
B: Fruits
C: Salty snacks
D: Fried foods

Answer: B: Fruits


Eating healthy plays an important role in the overall health and ​development of ⁣all⁣ children. This quiz was designed ​to help Grade 1 students‌ understand the basics of healthy eating⁣ and why this is​ important. Learning about different types of healthy foods and their benefits​ will help students make better ⁢dietary choices.

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