Human Body Quiz for Grade 1


Welcome to the HUMAN BODY QUIZ for grade 1. Our human bodies are amazing and amazing nonetheless. With so many functions, it’s ⁣no wonder why it’s such an important subject ‍for kids to know and understand as early‍ as they can.​ Here’s a challenging quiz for grade 1 ⁤students on the⁣ amazing functions of the human⁤ body!⁢

The Quiz

Q1: What part of the body do you use to hear?
A: Eyes
B: Nose
C: Ears
D: Mouth
Answer: C: Ears ⁢

Q2: ​What two organs are associated with digestion?
A: Brain ‌and Stomach
B: Heart and Lungs
C: Stomach and Small Intestine
D: Liver and ⁢Kidneys
Answer: C: Stomach and Small Intestine

Q3: ‍What two organs are responsible for controlling the body temperature?
A: Lungs and Kidneys
B: Skin and Hair
C: Brain‍ and Stomach
D: Liver and Muscles
Answer: B: Skin and Hair

Q4: Which of the following is a part of the cardiovascular system? ‌
A: Skin
B: Bladder
C: Heart
D:‌ Kidneys
Answer: ‌C: Heart

Q5: ‌What part of the body pumps​ the oxygenated blood throughout the body?
A: Brain
B: Heart​
C: Lungs
D: Kidneys
Answer: B: Heart

Q6: What is the shortest bone in the body? ‍
A: Femur
B: Ulna
C: Humerus⁤
D: Stapes‍
Answer: D: Stapes

Q7:‌ What are the two parts of the brain?
A: Cerebrum and Spinal Cord⁣
B: Colerebrum and Cerebellum
C: Cerebrum and Cerebellum ⁤
D: Spinal Cord‍ and Cerebellum
Answer: C: Cerebrum and Cerebellum

Q8:‍ What are the two largest organs in the body?
A: Liver and Kidneys
B: Skin and Hair
C: Brain and Heart
D: Lungs‌ and Skin
Answer: D: Lungs and Skin

Q9: What ⁣is the name of⁣ the organ that stores urine?
A: Bladder
B: Stomach
C: Kidney
D: Liver
Answer: A: Bladder

Q10: What is the​ longest bone in the body?
A: Femur
B: Ulna
C: Humerus ‌
D: Stapes ⁣
Answer: ​A: Femur

Q11: What is the name for the small, round muscles in the​ eyeball?
A: Rectus​
B: Cornea
C:⁣ Iris
D: Ciliary muscles
Answer: D: Ciliary muscles‍ ​

Q12: What is the name for the part of the body that takes in oxygen?
A: Lungs ⁢
B: ⁣Heart
C: Skull
D: Stomach
Answer: A: Lungs

Q13: What is the name of the organ that is responsible for filtering the blood?
A: Liver
B: Lungs
C: Kidney
D: Stomach
Answer: C: Kidney

Q14: What is‌ the name for the organ that produces⁤ bile?
A: ⁢Kidney
B: Stomach
C: Liver
D: Lungs
Answer: C: Liver

Q15: What type ⁢of cell is the basic building block of all life?
A: Red ‌Blood Cell
B: Neuron
C: White Blood Cell​
D: Stem Cell
Answer: D: Stem Cell

Q16: What is the name for the “powerhouse” of the cell?
A: Mitochondria
B: ⁢Nucleus⁤
C: Ribosome
D: Plasma Membrane
Answer: A: Mitochondria

Q17: What type of tissue makes up the⁤ organs of ⁤the body?
A: Muscular
B: Connective
C: Epithelial
D: Nervous
Answer: ‌C: Epithelial

Q18: What is the name for the fatty tissue that cushions and insulates the internal organs?
A: Nervous Tissue
B: Adipose Tissue
C: Connective⁣ Tissue
D: Muscular ⁣Tissue
Answer: B: Adipose Tissue

Q19: What are the two bones located in the arms and legs?
A: Femur and ‍Ulna
B: Tibia and Fibula
C: Femur and ⁢Humerus
D: Humerus and Fibula
Answer: B: Tibia and Fibula

Q20: What is the name of the organ below the ribs on the right side of the body?
A: Liver
B: Stomach
D: Kidneys
Answer: A: Liver


This concludes our HUMAN BODY QUIZ for grade 1! We hope you have enjoyed this fun and educational quiz. Understanding our bodies is an important part of growing up, and we are confident that this‍ quiz has helped your‌ grade 1 students to become more ​knowledgeable on this topic. Cheers!

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