Habitat Quiz For Grade 2

The purpose of​ this quiz is to test student’s knowledge of⁢ animal ⁣habitats. It’s aimed at second-grade students in the United States.⁣ Take ‌the quiz and see how much you‍ know!

Q1: What is the natural home of a parrot?

A: Forest
B: Desert
C:‌ Mountain
D: Ocean

Answer: A: Forest – Parrots are most ‍often found living ‍in forests, jungles, and woodlands.

Q2: Where would​ you typically​ find a beaver?

A: Prairie
B: Desert
C:‍ Aquarium
D:⁤ River

Answer: D: River​ – Beavers are mainly found in wetlands, such as rivers, streams, and ponds.

Q3: What ⁢type of habitat is suitable for an elephant?

A: Rainforest
B: Desert
C: Arctic
D: Swamp

Answer: B: Desert – The African elephant is couldn’t typically survive in very hot or dry climates ⁤such as‍ deserts.

Q4: Where⁢ would you find a cheetah?

A: Ocean
B: Tundra
C: Rainforest
D: Savannah

Answer:‌ D: Savannah – Cheetahs are mostly found in grasslands, savannahs, ⁣open ⁢woodlands, and scrub areas in Africa and the Middle East.

Q5: What type of habitat⁢ do woodpeckers prefer?

A: Wetland
B: ​Reef
C: Cave
D: Forest

Answer: D: Forest – Woodpeckers prefer living in wooded areas including parks, forests, and woodlands.

Q6: What type of environment do polar bears live ⁣in?

A: Temperate forest
B: Tropical rainforest
C: Arctic tundra
D: Grassland

Answer: C: Arctic tundra – Polar bears are mostly found in Arctic sea ice regions, cold alpine ⁤tundra, and coastlines in the Northern Hemisphere.

Q7: What ⁤is the natural habitat of a cobra?

A: Forest
B: Desert
C: ‌Reef
D: Wetland

Answer: B: ⁢Desert – ⁣Cobras ⁤are mainly found in the semi-arid regions in northern India, Southwest Asia, and east Africa.

Q8: Where would you find a salmon?

A: Estuary
B: Coral reef
C: Desert
D:⁢ Aquarium

Answer: A: Estuary -Salmon are usually found in saltwater and freshwater environments such as river estuaries.

Q9: What type of habitat do crabs live in?

A: Mountain
B: ⁤Ocean
C: Swamp
D: Prairie

Answer: B: Ocean – Crabs typically live in the saltwater of the ocean but can also be found in brackish water.

Q10: Where would you find a deer?

A: Estuary
B: Desert
C: Forest
D: Marsh

Answer: C: Forest ‌- Deer are most commonly found living in wooded ‍areas, forests, and ‍grasslands.

Q11: What⁤ is⁣ the‍ preferred habitat of a tiger?

A: Glacier
B: Swamp
C: Ocean
D: Rainforest

Answer: D: Rainforest – Tigers⁢ prefer to‍ live in tropical‌ or subtropical forests, especially rainforests. ‌

Q12: What type of habitat do bats inhabit?

A: Ocean
B: ⁤Cave
C: Prairie
D: Forest

Answer: B: Cave ​-Bats are ​nocturnal animals and‍ inhabit dark places such as‌ caves, crevices, tunnels, and holes in trees.

Q13: Where would you find an iguana?

A: Lake
B: Desert
C: Rainforest
D: Ocean

Answer: C: Rainforest – Iguanas are mainly‍ found in ⁣tropical rainforest habitats around the world.

Q14: What is the natural habitat of ⁢a salamander?

A: Canyon
B:⁣ Glacier
C: Forest
D: River

Answer: C: Forest – Salamanders are commonly found living in moist forests, lakes, rivers, and streams.

Q15: Where can you find ‌a wallaby?

A: Beach
B: Savannah
C: Aquarium
D: Forest

Answer: B: Savannah – Wallabies live in savannahs, open woodlands, and grassy areas in Australia.

Q16: What is the ‍preferred⁢ habitat of a bear?

A:‌ Ocean
B: Desert
C: Prairie
D: Forest

Answer: D: Forest – Bears ⁤are typically found in coniferous forests and alpine meadows.

Q17: ‌Where would ‌you typically find a whale?

A: ⁤Cave
B: Savanna
C: Ocean
D: Mountain

Answer: C: Ocean – Whales‌ are‌ marine mammals‌ and inhabit all ⁢the major oceans ‌of the world.

Q18: Where can you⁢ find ⁤an emperor⁤ penguin?

A: Jungle
B:​ Mountain
C: Desert
D: Antarctica

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