Demonstrative Pronoun Quiz for Grade 1

Demonstrative ‍Pronoun Quiz ​For Grade 1

Demonstrative ​pronouns are a type of pronoun that are used to indicate something that is present and specific. It is a very important skill that grade 1 students should‍ have a‌ grasp of.‍ This ​Demonstrative Pronoun Quiz ‌is designed to assess grade 1 students’ understanding of demonstrative ​pronouns – ⁢their forms⁢ and how they are ⁤used.


Q1: Which‌ is a demonstrative pronoun?⁢


A: She ​

B : That

C: ⁢They

D: We

Answer: B: That

Q2: Which demonstrative pronoun is used to indicate something near ‌the speaker?


A: This

B : That

C: Those

D:⁣ She‌

Answer: A: ​This

Q3: The pronoun ‘Those’ refers to __________.


A:‍ ‍plural nouns

B : singular nouns

C: positive nouns

D: rude ​nouns

Answer: A: plural nouns

Q4: Which statement ​is true about demonstrative pronouns?⁢


A: It refers to a specific noun.

B :‍ It can be used instead of a noun.

C: It is always singular.

D: It cannot⁤ be used with an adjective.

Answer: A: It⁤ refers to a specific noun.

Q5: Choose the correct sentence.


A: She easily confused that and those.

B : She easily confused these and them.

C: She easily⁢ confused ⁢this and that.

D: She easily confused it and they.

Answer: C: She easily confused this ⁤and that.

Q6: What pronoun do we use to refer to something that is near in distance, near⁢ in time or near in thought?


A: That

B : Those

C: These

D: This ​

Answer: D: This

Q7: Choose the correct⁤ sentence.⁤


A: She ​can take those pencils.

B : She can take this​ pencils.

C: She can take that pencils. ⁢

D: She can take it pencils.

Answer: A: She can take those pencils.

Q8: ‌Fill in the blank with a⁤ demonstrative pronoun. He ⁣gave _________ the ​information he needed.


A: Her

B ‍: Me

C: Us

D: ⁣Them ⁢

Answer: B: Me

Q9: Which demonstrative pronoun⁣ is ‍used to ‌indicate ⁣something ⁤that is not⁢ near the speaker? ‌


A: This

B : That

C: They

D: We

Answer: B: That

Q10: Choose the correct sentence.‌


A: Show me that color.

B : Show me ⁣these color.

C: ​Show me these⁤ colors.

D: ⁤Show me ⁤that colors.

Answer: C: Show me​ these colors.

Q11: The pronoun​ ‘That’ refers to ________.


A: singular nouns

B : plural nouns

C: negative nouns

D: rude nouns⁣ ⁢

Answer: A: singular nouns

Q12: ‌ Fill in the blank with the⁤ correct demonstrative pronoun. Is ______ your book?


A: She

B : Me ⁣

C: It

D: That

Answer: D: That

Q13: Choose​ the correct sentence.


A: This you can keep.

B : Those you can keep.

C: ⁤That you can‍ keep.

D: It you can keep.

Answer: C: That ⁤you can keep.

Q14: Fill in the blank with​ a⁤ demonstrative pronoun. I like _________ car. ‍


A:⁢ Him

B​ : Her⁢

C: It

D: ‌That

Answer: D: ‍That ⁤

Q15: Choose ⁢the correct sentence.⁤


A: She ate that sandwich.

B : She ate them sandwich.

C: She ate‌ those sandwich.

D: She ate this sandwich.

Answer: D: She ate this sandwich.

Q16: ‌ Which⁢ demonstrative pronoun is used to⁣ indicate something ⁤closer ⁢to the speaker? ‌


A: Those

B : This

C: That

D: None of the above ​

Answer: B: ‌This

Q17: Fill in the blank with ⁤the correct ⁤demonstrative pronoun. ⁣Show me _______⁤ chair.


A: His

B : ​Its

C: Their

D: That

Answer: D: That

Q18: Choose the correct ⁢sentence.


A: ‌We have⁤ them apples.

B : ​We have​ that apples.

C:‍ We have⁣ those apples.⁢

D: We have this​ apples.

Answer: C: We ⁣have ⁢those apples.


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