Plants Quiz For Grade 2

It’s important⁤ to develop⁣ an early foundation in science for kids in grade ​2, by⁣ helping to‌ understand the basics about plants.​ Here’s a fun quiz to‌ test their knowledge about plants. Answer⁣ the following questions and see how much you⁤ know about these amazing living organisms.

Q1: What is ‍the process by which​ plants make their own food?

A: Photosynthesis
B : Digestion
C: Eating
D: Breathing

Answer: A: Photosynthesis

Q2: What part of a plant absorbs energy from the ‌sun?

A: Leaves
B : Roots
C: Stem
D: Flower

Answer: A:‍ Leaves

Q3: What bodily​ process do plants use to move water and nutrients within ⁢themselves?

A: Breathing⁢
B : ⁤Transpiration
C: Eating⁢
D: Sleeping

Answer: B:​ Transpiration

Q4: True or False: All plants have flowers that produce fruits.

A: True
B : False

Answer: B: False

Q5: What term describes the seeds or spores used to‍ begin ‌the process of a plant​ growing? ⁣

A:‍ Pollen‍
B : Sprouts
C: Hybrids
D: Seeds

Answer:⁤ D: Seeds

Q6: What term describes the number of petals found on a flower? ⁤

A:​ Nectar
B ‌: Fertilizer
C: Colors ‍
D: Symmetry

Answer: D:⁢ Symmetry

Q7: Which of‌ the following processes is⁢ NOT related to the life cycle of ⁣a plant?

A: Pollination
B⁤ : Launch ⁤
C: Germination⁤
D: Extinction

Answer: B: Launch

Q8: During which plant process⁢ are‍ the ovules of a flower turned into seeds? ​

A:‍ Sprouting‌
B : Pollination
C: Fertilization
D:⁤ Fruit-setting

Answer: C: Fertilization

Q9: What is the name of the dry, outer covering of⁣ a seed?⁢

A: Stem
B : Hybrids
C: Root
D: Seedcoat

Answer: D: Seedcoat

Q10: ‍True or False:⁤ Bacteria ‌is a kind of plant.

A: True
B : False

Answer: B: False

Q11: What term is used to describe a plant that grows its first leaves above ground?

Options: ​
A: Tree ⁢
B : Herbaceous
C: Annual
D: ‍Seedling

Answer: D: Seedling

Q12: What is the ⁢smallest​ unit of life?

A: Tissues
B ⁢: Cells
C: Molecules
D: Atoms

Answer: B: Cells

Q13: What is the process​ called that gives plants the ability to reproduce⁤ offspring?

A: Pollination‍
B : Genetics
C: Hybridization
D: Photosynthesis

Answer:​ A: Pollination

Q14: What ⁢is the process of growing​ a plant from ⁢seeds called?

A: Pollination ​
B : Germination
C: Buying
D: Planting

Answer: B: ‌Germination

Q15: ​What part of the plant⁣ carries signals for development?

A: ⁤Cells
B : ⁤Hormones
C: Roots
D: Leaves

Answer: B: Hormones

Q16: True or​ False: Xerophytes are plants that thrive in dry, hot environments.

A:⁢ True
B : False

Answer: A: True

Q17: What scientific term is used to describe how a plant finds assurance that‍ its pollen will get to another plant of the same ​species?

A: Self-pollination
B : Cross-pollination
C: Photosynthesis
D: Fertilization

Answer: ‌B: Cross-pollination

Q18: What do most flowering plants need in order to⁢ reproduce?

A: Soil
B : Air
C: ⁣Insects
D: Sunlight

Answer: C: Insects

Q19: True or ‌False: Plants have the ability to create energy from sunlight.

A: True
B : False

Answer: A: True

Q20: What‌ molecule is needed for photosynthesis to occur?

A: ⁣Nitrogen
B :⁢ Chlorophyll
C: Oxygen
D: Carbon Dioxide

Answer:​ B: Chlorophyll

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