Cause and Effect Quiz for Grade 1


This quiz is a great way for Grade 1 students to test ⁤their understanding of cause ⁤and effect.‌ It contains ⁤20 questions on a variety of topics related to cause and effect that will help the students to develop a ⁣comprehensive understanding. So, let’s get started and see how ⁤much you ​know about cause and effect!


Q1: What is the cause of ⁣thunder and lightning?

A: Weather changes
B: Pressurised air
C: Wind
D: ‍Volcanic activity

Answer: A: Weather ​changes

Q2: If you eat too much sugar,‍ what is the effect?

A: Diabetes
B: Weight loss
C: High energy
D: Hunger

Answer: A: Diabetes

Q3: What is one cause of an ‍earthquake?

A: Wet soil
B: Volcanic​ activity
C: Too much wind
D: Underwater ripple

Answer: B: Volcanic activity

Q4:‍ What⁢ is the effect of climate change?

A: More desertification
B: Less deforestation
C: Fewer hurricanes
D: More snowstorms

Answer: A: More desertification

Q5: What is the effect of cutting​ down trees?

A: Warming oceans
B: Greenhouse emissions
C: Pollution
D:‌ Soil erosion

Answer: D: Soil erosion

Q6: What is the cause of air pollution?

A: Ozone depletion
B: Burning of fossil fuels
C: Melting ice caps
D: Oil spills

Answer: B: Burning of fossil fuels

Q7: What is the effect of global warming?

A: Increased sea levels
B: Snowfalls
C: Melting glaciers
D: More tornadoes

Answer: A: Increased‌ sea levels

Q8: What ​is the effect of ​deforestation?

A: Soil fertility
B: Rainfall
C: Floods
D: Loss of habitat

Answer:‍ D: Loss of habitat

Q9: What is the cause of an avalanche?

A: ‌Earthquakes
B: Aimless digging
C: Overflowing rivers
D: Heavy snowfall

Answer: D: Heavy snowfall

Q10: ‌What is the cause of air pollution?

A: ‍Burning of ​fossil fuels
B: Volcanic eruptions
C: Farming
D: Air conditioning

Answer: A: Burning of fossil fuels

Q11: What is the effect ⁤of widespread drought?

A: ⁤Fertility
B: Food shortages
C: More water
D: Less ⁣fires

Answer: B: Food shortages

Q12: What is⁢ the effect of cutting down trees?

A: Uncontrolled fires
B: Pollution
C: Soil erosion
D: Rich ‍vegetation

Answer: C: Soil⁢ erosion

Q13: What is the effect​ of melting ice?

A: Flooding
B: Larger‌ glaciers
C: Climate change
D: Less snowfall

Answer: A: Flooding

Q14: What is the cause of a thunderstorm?

A: Sun
B: Wind
C: Hot weather
D: Cold front

Answer: C: Hot weather

Q15: What is one effect of global ​warming?

A: More hurricanes
B: Cooler ​summers
C: Increased sea levels
D:⁤ Improved air quality

Answer: C: Increased sea levels

Q16:‌ What is the cause ‌of an⁢ eclipse?

A: Sunset
B: Moon blocks the ⁣sun
C: Solar flares
D: Cloud cover

Answer: ‌B: Moon blocks ‌the sun

Q17: What is the effect of a ⁣tornado?

A: Air ​pressure
B: Reduced wind
C: Severe property damage
D: Improved visibility

Answer: C: Severe property damage

Q18: What is one effect of acid rain?

A: Plant growth
B: Loss ​of animal habitat
C: Improved air quality
D: Colder winters

Answer: B: Loss of animal habitat

Q19: What⁣ is the cause of an earthquake?

A: Pressure from⁣ the earth’s core
B: Volcanic activity
C: Tsunami
D: Sunlight

Answer: A: Pressure from the earth’s‍ core

Q20: What is the effect⁢ of air pollution?

A: Stronger winds
B: Earthquakes
C: Health problems
D: More wildfires

Answer: C: Health ‌problems


We ⁢hope you enjoyed taking this quiz and better understand​ cause and effect. There ⁢are many more topics you can explore⁣ to stay ahead in the game. ‌So, keep discovering and learning to⁣ become ​a master of understanding the causes ​and effects of the different areas of our life. All the best!

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