Science Quiz for Grade 1


Science is an important ⁣subject for ‍students of⁣ grade 1. It helps them⁢ to understand the world around⁢ them. A quiz is ‌a great way to test their⁣ knowledge and allow them to⁣ learn new things.⁤ Here is a ⁣science quiz for grade 1 students​ in the USA. ‌Let’s see how well you do!

Q1:‍ What is the force ⁣of gravity?

A: Push
B: Pull
C: Lift ⁤
D: Roll

Answer: B

Q2:​ Who was the first president of the United States?

A: George Washington
B: Thomas Jefferson
C: Abraham Lincoln
D: Theodore ⁤Roosevelt

Answer: A

Q3: What kind of animal is a ​giraffe?

A:‍ Reptile
B: Amphibian
C:‌ Mammal
D: Fish

Answer: C

Q4: What is the capital city of France?

A:‍ London ⁣
B: Rome
C:⁤ Paris
D: Washington, DC

Answer: C

Q5: What color is the sky?

A:‍ Red
B: Orange
C: Yellow
D: Blue

Answer: D ⁣

Q6: What is the study of ⁢the structure of the earth called?

A: Geography ​
B: Astronomy
C: Geology
D: Physics

Answer: C

Q7: What is the fastest land‍ animal?

A: Horse
B: Cheetah
C:⁢ Tiger​
D: Lion​

Answer: B

Q8: How many sides does a triangle have?

A: 3
B: 4
C: 5
D:⁢ 6

Answer: A ‌

Q9: What​ is the name for a baby cat?

A: Kit
B: Kitter
C: Kitten
D: ‍Kite

Answer: C

Q10: What⁢ are‌ the three states of matter?

A: Gas, liquid, ‌and metal ⁣
B: Water, ice, and gas
C: Gas, solid, and liquid
D: Air, liquid, and ice

Answer: C

Q11: What is the‍ shape of the Earth?

A: Sphere
B: Cube
C:⁤ Pyramid ⁢
D: Cone

Answer: A

Q12: What ​is the shape of the moon?

A: Sphere
B: Cube
C: Pyramid
D: ​Cone

Answer: A

Q13: What is the distance‍ from the Earth to‍ the sun?

A: 3 million‍ miles ‍
B: 30 ‍million miles
C: 300 million miles
D: 3 billion ​miles

Answer: D

Q14: How long does it take for the moon ​to ⁢revolve around the Earth?

A: 1 day
B: 1 ‍week
C: 1 month
D: 1 year

Answer: C

Q15: What is the outermost layer of the Earth’s atmosphere?

A: Troposphere
B: Thermosphere
C: ‍Stratosphere
D: Mesosphere

Answer: B

Q16: What type ⁣of animal is a bee?

A: Reptile
B:‌ Insect
C: Amphibian
D: Mammal

Answer: B

Q17: ⁢What is the hottest planet in our Solar System?

A: Jupiter
B: Earth
C: Mercury
D: Mars

Answer: C

Q18: ‍What is the biggest ocean in ​the world?

A: Pacific Ocean
B: ‌Indian Ocean
C: Atlantic Ocean
D: Arctic Ocean

Answer: A

Q19: What is the fourth planet from the Sun?

A:‍ Earth‌
B: Mars
C: Jupiter
D: Saturn

Answer: D

Q20: What color is the Romans’ god, Mars?

A: White
B: Blue
C: Red
D: Green

Answer: C


We hope you enjoyed our science quiz for ⁢grade 1 students in USA. You now have​ a better understanding of the basics of science and how it applies to the world around us. Congratulations on completing the quiz!

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