7 Key Difference between poster colour and water colour

Let’s look at the difference between poster colour and water colour property wise
Water Colors come with a tube/pan. Poster Colors pakackaging are in a glass jar or small bottle.
Water colors takes time in drying compared to poster colorPoster colors take less time to dry compared to n water color
Water colors are not thick like poster color.Poster colors are thick.
Water colors are mostly used by artist .Poster colors are student quality.
Water colors are more costly than poster colors.Poster colors are cheaper than watercolors.
When mixed with water and applied to paper, watercolors are usually transparentWhen mixed with water and applied to paper, water colors are usually opaque.
Water colors don’t smell muchPoster colors have a little bit smell.
Water colors are made of some chemical pigments.Poster colors are made of acrylic (a form of plastic)
Both are Water Based
Both have to be framed under glass for long-term display
None of the above are waterproof/moisture-proof when dry

So if you need to frame a sentence with the above properties then, for the question

What is the difference between poster colour and water colour?

The answer is: Water colour is transparent while Poster Paint is opaque. All three are water-based paints, which means both these colors utilize water as a solvent. Watercolor and gouache have finer pigments and can come in both tubes and pans while poster paints, with pigments more coarse, often come in jars.

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