What do the books of confucius and zhuangzi teach

This is a question from Chapter 4 “Landscape of the Soul” Class 11 English Hornbill book

Zhuangzi and Confucius stories are there in secondary school English and this question of What do the books of confucius and zhuangzi teach comes frequently.

1. Confucius

Confucius was born in 551 BC and died in 479 BC. He was a Chinese philosopher, political theorist, and educator whose teachings were based on his interpretation of the ancient Chinese classics, including the Book of Changes (I Ching). His philosophy emphasized social harmony and respect for authority.

2. Zhuangzi

Zhuangzi was born in 369 BC and died in 286 BC. He was a famous Chinese philosopher and writer from the Warring States Period. His philosophy emphasizes self-cultivation through inner alchemy.

The Zhuangzi consists of a large collection of anecdotes, allegories , parables and fables , which are often humorous or irreverent in nature. ITs main themes are of spontaneity in action and freedom from the human world and its conventions.

Confucius as a comic figure:

The Zhuangzi has numerous stories in which Confucius is implicated. Yet, he is treated with a playful respect. His role in this text is by no means straightforward, for he is not only the scapegoat of the Daoists but also often becomes the mouthpiece of the Dao.

The books about Confucius and Zhuangzi contain many anecdotes that highlights the spirit of Art during their days. These anecdotes helped the masters / Teachers to guide their disciples/students in the right direction.

What do the books of Confucius and Zhuangzi teach?

The options given generally are:
A. to guide his disciple in the right direction
B. to not fear the superiors
C. to not to suppress your thoughts
D. None of the above

Answer is A To guide his disciple in the right direction

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