[Explained] Meaning of honing our seafaring skills

Meaning of honing our seafaring skills: Seafaring skills refer to the skills required to navigate a vehicle through the waters of a water body. The narrator had honed the seafaring skills of his family for the past 6 years by devoting their leisure time to practicing on British waters

Honing means to improve and make the skills better :

It refers to the efforts made by the author and his wife to perfect or sharpen their seafaring skills.

Terms used :

1. Hone – To sharpen, especially a blade.

2. Seafaring – A seafarer is someone who works at sea.

3. Skills – Abilities that are learned through practice.

4. Honing – Sharpening a tool.

5. Seamanship – The art of navigation and sailing.

6. Sailing – Navigating a ship using wind power.

This refers to the effort by the author and his wife, to perfect or sharper their seafaring skills. They advanced towards making themselves fit to travel on the sea. … A tousled head: This refers to hair in disarray or a disarranged hair of the author’s son Jonathan.

What does it mean to hone our seafaring skills?

Honing your seafaring skills means learning new things and improving your knowledge. This skill comes from the old English word hone, meaning to sharpen or polish something.
It can also refer to the act of sharpening tools such as knives, axes, etc., especially for cutting wood or metal. In other words, it’s a way of improving your craftsmanship.

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