The properties of being ____ make a diamond a gemstone

Question: The properties of being __ make a diamond a gemstone . We need to fill in the blanks and the options generally are

 a. clear and bright

b. useful and profitable

c. easy to obtain and beautiful

d. colorful and profitable

And the answer is a  a. clear and bright

Diamonds are known for their beauty, rarity, and value. They are also very useful, especially in jewelry. What makes them so valuable?

They are formed deep within Earth’s mantle and are composed of carbon atoms bonded together into a crystalline structure. The hardness of diamonds depends on their size and purity and are known for their sparkle and beauty, but they also have some pretty amazing properties.

Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substances on Earth. They are composed mostly of carbon atoms arranged into a crystal lattice. They are also the only gemstone that conducts electricity and possess incredible thermal conductivity, making them ideal heat sinks and thermal insulators. In addition, diamonds are transparent and nearly colorless, making them excellent optical materials.

The properties of being clear and bright make a diamond a gemstone.

Can diamonds melt?

Yes, they could, if you could get it hot till melting point.

How to cut diamonds?

Diamonds are cut with special tools with diamond-tipped phosphor bronze or diamond-dusted steel blades.


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