Quiz questions on Fruit Names for Class 1

Fruits are an important part of our diet. Eating fruits​ provide us with essential vitamins,‍ minerals, fiber⁤ and protein. This ⁣quiz comprises 20 questions about different‍ fruits that are‍ ideal for students of Class 1. Do take this quiz to test your⁣ knowledge about‌ fruits!

Q1: What is⁣ the yellow outer layer⁣ of a banana called?
Options: ‍
A: ⁤Peel ​
B : Skin
C: Pith
D: ​Core
Answer: A: Peel

Q2: What is the⁤ popular red colored fruit with a crown on its end?
A: Pineapple
B : Papaya
C:‍ Apple
D: Grapes
Answer: A: Pineapple

Q3: Which fruit is a member of the rose family and is also known as a ‘love‌ apple’?
A: Mango
B : Orange ‍
C: Strawberry
D: Tomato
Answer: D: Tomato

Q4: What is the botanical name of the blackberry?
A: Rubus
B​ : Pyrus
C: Pistacia ⁤
D: Vitis ⁣
Answer: A: Rubus

Q5: What is the other name for cherry?
A: Small Apple
B :‌ Small Orange
C: Small Peach ‍
D: Small⁤ Plum
Answer: D:⁤ Small Plum

Q6: What is the pink or red fleshy edible part ⁤of a⁣ watermelon called?‍
A:⁤ Peel
B : Skin ⁢
C: Flesh
D: Core
Answer: C: Flesh

Q7: Name the yellowish heart shaped drupe fruit ‌also known as‍ Indian ‍Butter?
A: Avocado
B : Apricot
C: Kiwi
D: ​Vitamin
Answer: B: Apricot

Q8: ​What is the largest edible⁤ fruit in the world?‍
A: Pineapple
B : Watermelon
C: Durian
D: Mango
Answer: B: Watermelon

Q9: Name the fruit which is also known as the ‘Queen of Fruits’?
A: Durian
B : Papaya
C: Mango
D: Apple
Answer: C:⁤ Mango

Q10: What is the small yellow ⁤fruit that grows in clusters known as?
A: Plum
B : Grapes‍
C: Kiwi⁤
D: Banana
Answer: D: Banana

Q11: What is the elongated, orange-yellow citrus fruit also known as Chinese?
A: Orange ‌
B : ‌Kiwi ‍ ⁣
C: Lemon
D:‌ Mandarin
Answer: D: Mandarin

Q12:⁣ Name the‍ yellow, greenish-yellow, ​orange, ‌reddish orange, pink fruit?
A: Apple
B : Guava
C: Mango
D: Orange
Answer: B: Guava

Q13: Name the fruit used to make wine?
A: Raspberry
B : Apple ⁤
C: Orange
D: Grape
Answer: D: Grape

Q14: What ⁣is the dried form of a plum known as?
A: Prune
B : Pear
C: Peach
D: Plum
Answer: A: Prune

Q15: Name⁣ the fruit which is a ‍type of berry with a hard, spiny outer⁣ covering?
Options: ‍
A: Kiwi
B : Avocado
C: Durian
D: Dragonfruit⁢
Answer: ⁣C: Durian

Q16:‍ Name the fruit that is often called ‘nature’s⁢ candy’ due to its sweet ⁤taste and juicy texture?
A:‌ Mango
B : Orange
C: ⁢Watermelon
D: Pineapple
Answer: ⁤D: Pineapple⁢

Q17: Name the yellow spiky tropical fruit that looks like a hair ‌brush?
A: Papaya
B : Mango
C: Pineapple
D: Durian
Answer: D: Durian

Q18: How many basic tastes does a ‌human ‌tongue detect?⁢
A: 7
B : 4
C: 5 ⁢
D: 3
Answer: C: ‍5

Q19: Name the purple, tear-shaped berry which is pea sized⁣ and⁤ has a⁤ sweet and savory taste?
A: Raspberry ⁣
B : ​Blueberry ⁣
C: Cranberry ⁤
D: Elderberry
Answer: B: Blueberry ⁤

Q20: Name the large red colored edible fruit with a single large seed in the center?
A: Apple
B : Strawberry
C: Watermelon ​
D: Pomegranate ‍
Answer: D: Pomegranate

We hope this quiz‍ was a fun way to learn about different ‌fruits. It is important to include fruits in our daily diets to ensure that our bodies get enough of ⁤the essential‌ vitamins and minerals. Fruits are also available in variety of colors and shapes, ​making‌ them all the more‌ interesting!

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