Quiz on Animals for Grade 1

Animals are an integral part of the planet Earth and a major component of the ‌natural world. Kids should learn about them​ from an early age and ⁢gain knowledge about the different species ‌of animals⁣ and their characteristics, ‍habitats, and ⁣other details.⁤ This quiz is designed keeping grade 1⁤ students in the USA⁤ in mind to test their knowledge and understanding of animals.‌ Participate ​and have fun⁢ finding out more about animals!

Q1: What is‍ the fastest land animal?

A: Leopard
B: Cheetah
C: Lion
D: Elephant

Answer: B (Cheetah)

Q2: How⁣ many⁣ legs​ does ​a spider have?

A: 2
B: 4
C: 6
D: 8

Answer: D ⁣(8)

Q3: What type ⁤of animal lives in an ant hill?

A: Gorilla
B: Elephant
C: Ants​
D: Giraffe

Answer: C (Ants)

Q4:⁣ What type​ of ⁤animal lives ​in‌ a beaver lodge?

A: Beavers ​
B: Rabbits
C: Seals
D: ‌Foxes

Answer:⁢ A ​(Beavers)

Q5: Do ducks have feathers?

A: Yes
B: No
C: Only in⁤ the winter
D: Only when they are babies

Answer: A (Yes)

Q6: What is a baby ‌donkey called?

A: Puppy
B: Foal
C: Calf
D: Kitten

Answer: B (Foal)

Q7: What is the largest mammal in the world?

A: Hippopotamus
B: Elephant ​
C: Gorilla
D: Whale

Answer: D (Whale)

Q8: Are whales mammals?

A: Yes
B: No

Answer: A (Yes)

Q9: What mammals lay eggs?

A: ‌Kangaroos ‍
B: ​Monkeys
C: Platypus
D: Zebras

Answer: C (Platypus)⁣

Q10: ‌What​ is the fastest bird in the world?

A:​ Ostrich
B:⁤ Hawk
C: Falcon
D: Penguin⁢

Answer: C‍ (Falcon)

Q11: Where do⁣ bats usually sleep?

A: Trees
B: Caves
C: ⁣Underwater
D: Mountains

Answer: B ⁢(Caves) ​

Q12: What is the tallest living animal?

A: Giraffe⁢
B: Elephant
C: ‍Gorilla
D: Camel

Answer: ⁣A (Giraffe)

Q13: ‌What is a baby ​goat‍ called?

A: Fizdle
B: ​Kid
C: Lamb‌
D: Foal⁤

Answer: B (Kid)

Q14: What ‍kind of animal is⁢ a⁤ tiger?

A: Reptile
B:⁣ Fish
C:⁤ Insect
D: Mammal

Answer: D (Mammal)​

Q15: What sound does a lion make?

A: Bark
B: Squeal
C:⁢ Roar
D: ‌Hiss ⁣

Answer: C (Roar)

Q16:⁣ What is a‍ baby kangaroo called?

A: Rabbit
B: Joey
C: Pup
D: Foal

Answer: B (Joey)

Q17: What is a group ​of monkeys called?

A: Romp
B: Nest
C: Colony
D: Pack

Answer: A (Romp) ⁤

Q18: What is a⁤ baby horse called?

A: Foal
B: Fizdle
C: Cub
D: Pony

Answer: A ⁣(Foal)

Q19: What is the‍ scientific name for ⁢a lion?

A: Panthera leo
B: Canis lupus‌
C: Ursus arctos
D: Equus caballus ⁢

Answer: A (Panthera leo)

Q20: ‌What is the top speed of a cheetah?

A: 40 mph
B: 50 mph
C: 60 mph
D:⁣ 70 mph

Answer: D (70 mph)

Animals come‌ in ​all shapes and⁣ sizes and inhabiting all types of terrains and climates. We should aim to understand and appreciate ⁢them more. This quiz helps to gain ⁤a better understanding for⁤ grade 1 students. It also educates people about animals and how they⁣ live in their ‌respective habitats. Hopefully this quiz also⁣ enhances students’ awareness of animal conservation and protection of their habitats.

Protect animals,⁤ protect our‍ world!

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