English Quiz For Grade 2

When it comes to teaching English to grade two students, quizzes ‍are a great way to engage childs’ minds and help ⁤them review their studies for​ better learning and answer retention. To make⁢ it more effective and interesting, it is‍ important to have well-crafted quiz questions⁤ that are at ⁣an age-appropriate level. ⁢This is specifically designed to help 2nd grade students review their grammar, writing, spelling, ‌and reading skills. Please read on to take the quiz!

Q1: What is the direction of a​ single passing⁤ arrow in a sentence called?

A: ⁤Hyphen
B : ​Dash
C: Period
D: Comma

Answer: B:​ Dash

Q2: What kind of⁢ words⁤ indicate action?

A: Nouns
B : Verbs
C: Adjectives
D: Adverbs

Answer: B: Verbs

Q3: Complete the ​sentence: ‍The dog barked ‍_______.

A: surprisedly⁣
B : ⁣loudly
C: ⁢quiet
D: rarely

Answer: B:‍ loudly

Q4: What is the plural of ‘fox’?

A: ⁣Foexes
B : Fox
C: Foxies
D: Foxes

Answer: D: Foxes

Q5: What sound does an ‘s’ make?

A: /tʃ/
B ‌: ⁤/s/ ⁤
C: /p/
D:⁢ /dʒ/

Answer: B: /s/

Q6: Which of the following adjectives are ‍correct?

A: Most better
B : Most worse
C: Most bad
D: Most best

Answer: D:⁤ Most‍ best

Q7: What is the possessive form of ‘dog’?

A: ⁣Dog’s
B : Dogses
C: Dogs’
D: ​Dog-es

Answer: A: Dog’s

Q8: Complete the sentence: ​He _______ very well in the spelling contest.

A: done
B​ : did
C: made
D: wrote

Answer: B: did

Q9: Which of these is a ‌narrative writing? ⁤

A: Letter
B : Novel⁢
C: Research Paper
D: Newspaper Article

Answer: B: Novel

Q10: Choose the correct spelling for ‘colour’

A: Collor
B : Color
C: Coulor
D: Colour

Answer: D: Colour

Q11: What is a gerund?

A: A ​verb that ends ⁣in ‘ing’
B : A ⁢verb that ends in ‘ly’
C: A verb that⁢ ends in ‘ed’
D: A verb that ends in ‘tion’

Answer: A: ​A verb that ends in ‘ing’

Q12: Which of these ⁢words have two syllables?

A: Swirl
B : Whirl
C: Transport
D: ‌Rescue

Answer: B: Whirl

Q13: Where would you find a thesaurus?

A: A dictionary
B : ‍A map
C: A calculator
D:⁢ A phonebook

Answer: A: A ​dictionary

Q14: Which of the following ⁢words is a synonym for ‘beautiful’?

A: Scary
B :‍ Ugly
C: Lovely⁣
D:⁣ Exciting

Answer: C: Lovely

Q15: What⁣ is the past ⁢tense of ‘run’?

A:‌ Rins
B : Ran
C: Ruun⁢
D: ⁢Ranne

Answer: ‍B: Ran

Q16: What does the abbreviation ‘e.g’ mean?

A: Especially Good
B : Example​ Given
C: Every Good
D: Evidently Good

Answer: B: Example Given

Q17: What does ‘underline’ mean?

A: Put something above ​
B : Put something next
C: Put something below
D: Put something across

Answer: D: Put something across

Q18: What‌ type ⁢of ​word is ‘yummy’?

A: Adjective
B : Noun
C: Verb
D: Adverb

Answer: A: Adjective

Q19: What is the opposite of ‘above’?‍

A: Below
B‍ : Abovex
C: Right
D: Left

Answer: A: Below

Q20: ‍Choose the correct spelling for ‘occassion’

A: ​Occasion
B : Ocassion
C: Occcasion
D: Occassion

Answer: A: Occasion

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