Listening Quiz For Grade 2



Improving listening skills is essential for students of ‍all grade ​levels, especially‍ for⁢ grade⁣ 2. ‍This listening quiz offers teachers and‌ students⁣ of grade 2 a unique opportunity to assess their skills. Armed ⁣with 20 questions and answers, children can check their skills and ​report their progress. Let’s ‌get started!

Q1: What does the​ term “listen” mean?

A: Speak
B: Read ​
C: Hear

Answer: C

Explanation: To “listen” means to pay attention to sound and try to understand what is being said.

Q2: Which would be an example⁣ of ​active listening?

A: Interrupting the ⁢speaker
B: Providing responses and feedback
C: Daydreaming while the speaker is talking
D:⁢ Ignoring the speaker

Answer: B

Explanation: Active listening requires focus and understanding of what is being said, while providing responses and feedback to show that you are paying⁤ attention.‌

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