Hindi Quiz For Grade 2

(A/B/C/D) Explanation: ⁣

Discover the Knowledge of Hindi with ⁢this Grade⁢ 2 Quiz

Are you a grade 2 student⁤ or ‌perhaps a teacher looking to learn ⁢more about⁤ the fascinating language of Hindi?‌ If yes, then you ⁤are in luck; this ‍delightful quiz ⁤is perfect ‍for you! With twenty uproarious questions, you can discover​ the knowledge of the language and have ⁤a grand time learning!⁣ So put on your thinking caps, and get ready ⁣for a ‍challenging and ⁢entertaining quiz!

Q1: What ⁣is the Hindi ⁢word‌ for ‘Good Morning’?

A: Namaskar
B : Subh Prabhat
C: Namaste
D:​ Shubh​ Ratri‍

Answer: (B) Explanation: Subh Prabhat is the Hindi word for Good Morning. ⁣

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