Animal Quiz For Grade 2


Are you prepared ​to challenge yourself with​ a list of enlightening questions surrounding different animal species? If yes, then this is the perfect quiz for you!‌ Test your knowledge of animals from⁢ around the world with​ questions ranging from simple to complex. Whether it’s a fact ‍about animal behavior,⁤ anatomy, adaptation or other⁤ related topics, our quiz ⁤is‍ sure to‌ put⁢ your knowledge ‌to the⁤ test.

Q1: What is the scientific name of a tiger?

A: Panthera ⁣leo
B⁤ : Panthera tigris
C: Ursus arctos
D: Canis lupus

Answer: B: Panthera tigris
Explanation: The scientific name for a tiger ​is Panthera tigris, a species ​of the Panthera genus.

Q2: Which type of animal reproduces through laying eggs?

A: Snakes
B : ⁢Cows
C: Hippos
D: Birds

Answer: D: Birds
Explanation: Birds ⁤reproduce by laying and incubating eggs, which is why they are known ​as oviparous animals.

Q3: How many species of ⁤penguin⁢ are ⁤there?

A: Five
B : Seven
C:‍ Nine⁢
D: Twenty

Answer: C: Nine
Explanation: There are nine species of penguin that can be found ⁤throughout the Southern Hemisphere.

Q4: Are elephants born with tusks?

A: Yes
B : Sometimes
C: No
D: Rarely

Answer: A: Yes
Explanation: Elephants are born ‌with front incisors that​ grow and harden over time,⁣ eventually becoming⁤ tusks.

Q5: What country does the kangaroo originate from? ⁢

B : New Zealand
C: Canada
D: Australia

Answer: D: Australia
Explanation: ‍Kangaroos are native to the continent of Australia and can’t‌ be found outside of this region.

Q6: What is the fastest land animal?

A: Cheetah
B : Tiger
C:‌ Lion
D: Wolf

Answer: A: ​Cheetah
Explanation:‌ The‍ cheetah is the fastest land animal in⁤ the world⁢ and​ can reach speeds of up to⁤ 75 mph. ‌

Q7: ​Which type of bird is the national bird of the United States?

A: Bald Eagle
B : California Quail
C: American Robin
D: ​Pelican

Answer: A: Bald Eagle
Explanation: The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States and is known for its​ impressive flying skills and majestic appearance.

Q8: What kind of diet do gorillas eat?

A: Carnivorous ‌
B : Omnivorous
C: Herbivorous ‍
D: Insectivorous

Answer: C: Herbivorous
Explanation: Gorillas ​are predominantly ⁤herbivorous and mainly feed‌ on fruits, leaves, stems and grasses. ‍

Q9: How ⁣many teeth do piranhas have?

Options: ‌
A: Five
B : Eight
C: Twelve
D: Nineteen

Answer: ⁤D: Nineteen ⁤
Explanation: Piranhas have around ‌19 razor sharp teeth on ⁣the upper and lower jaw, giving them the ability to tear apart food with ease.

Q10: How many species of bats are there?

A: Five
B : Seven
C: Nine⁢
D: ⁤Over 1200

Answer: D:⁤ Over 1200
Explanation: There are over 1200 different species of bats, making them the second most ⁢diverse group‍ of mammals⁤ in the world.

Q11: How many limbs does a crab have?

Options: ‍
A: 6
B : 8
C: 10
D: 12

Answer: B: 8 ⁣
Explanation: Crabs have eight legs and two claws that are used for⁤ feeding and defense.

Q12: What are⁤ baby monkeys called?

Options: ‌
A: ‌Pup
B : Cub⁤
C: ⁣Kit
D: Infant

Answer: C: Kit
Explanation: Baby monkeys are called⁣ kits or infants while adult males are ⁣called marmosets.

Q13: What‍ is the scientific name of‍ a gorilla?

A: Panthera tigris
B : Ursus arctos
C: Gorilla gorilla
D: Canis ​lupus

Answer: C: Gorilla gorilla
Explanation: The scientific name for‌ a gorilla is Gorilla gorilla, a species of the Gorilla genus.​

Q14: How many eyes does a squid have?

A: Two⁣
B : Four
C: Eight
D: ⁤Ten

Answer: C: Eight
Explanation: Squids have two ⁤large eyes and six small eyes located beneath a thin membrane on each side of⁣ its head.

Q15: What two animals make up a ‌zebra?

A: Horses and Giraffes⁣
B : Donkeys and Horses ⁣
C: Cows and Bulls
D: ​Wildebeest and Hippo

Answer: B: Donkeys and​ Horses
Explanation: Zebras ‍are a hybrid of a ⁢donkey and a horse, making them two separate species in one.

Q16: What do you call a group of seals?

Options: ⁣
A: Pride
B : Pod
C: Run
D: Troop ⁢

Answer:⁣ B: Pod
Explanation: A group of seals is called a pod – similar ‍to the herd, flock or school of other animals.

Q17:⁤ What do baby koalas eat?

A: Grass
B : Fish ​
C: Leaves
D: Insects

Answer: C: Leaves
Explanation: Baby koalas, called joeys,​ drink their ‌mother’s milk and start to ⁢eat leaves shortly after birth.

Q18: What ⁢is⁣ the biggest ‌land⁤ mammal on earth? ⁢

A: Elephant
B⁢ : Rhinoceros
C: Hippopotamus
D: Gorilla

Answer: ⁢A: Elephant
Explanation: The African elephant is the largest land mammal on earth and can⁤ weigh up ‌to seven tons.

Q19: Which animal has ⁤the longest lifespan?

A: Human
B : Gorilla
C: ⁣Whale
D: Tortoise

Answer: D: Tortoise
Explanation: The giant tortoise ⁤has ‌the longest lifespan of any animal in the world and can live⁢ for up to 200 years.

Q20: How many eyes does a spider have?

A: ‌Two
B :⁢ Four
C: Six
D: Eight ‌

Answer: C: Six
Explanation: Most spiders have six eyes, although some species have eight, ‍or even⁤ none at ‌all.

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