Addition And Substraction Quiz For Grade 2


Addition and Subtraction Quiz for​ Grade 2

Are you a grade 2 student? If you are, then you’re in luck. ⁣This addition and subtraction ⁣quiz will serve as a great review for your upcoming ⁤exam. ⁢It is designed to give⁢ teachers and students an easy ‍way to review math basics in an interactive ​way. Read through all ‍of the questions before you‌ start answering⁤ them. Good luck!

Q1: What is the sum ⁤of 4 + 7?

A: 10
B: 11
C: 12
D: 13
Answer: B: 11 ​
Explanation: Add 4 and 7 together to get 11.‍

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