How Much Money Does Disneyland Make in a Day? Get the Answers Here!

Disneyland is one of the most recognizable theme parks on the planet, and has been entertaining people since 1955. Everyone knows that Disneyland brings in a lot of money, but just how much money does Disneyland make in a day? In this article, we take a look at the answer.

The Disneyland Revenue Model

Disneyland does not release exact annual or daily figures for how much money it makes, so it can be difficult to give an exact figure for what a single day might generate. An important point to note is that Disneyland’s revenue model is complex and includes multiple sources, including ticket sales, food and beverage sales, resort stays, shopping, and other related activities. While ticket sales account for a significant portion of the parks’ revenue, and are the main source of their income, Disney also receives a cut of revenue from any operation occurring on their property.

Disneyland’s Historic Performance

In a 2018 report by the Los Angeles Times, Disneyland reported $1.4 Billion in revenue for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. This report does not, however, provide a daily total, but it does give us a yearly perspective. If we want to estimate daily performance, we can look at industry trends. According to market research by Statista, revenue from theme parks in the United States increased from 11.6 Billion USD in 2013 to 24.1 Billion USD in 2019—a 4.9% yearly growth rate. This means that, on average, the amount of money theme parks are making is significantly increasing. Disneyland’s yearly revenue of 1.4 Billion USD in 2018 should be slightly higher in 2019.

Estimated Average Daily Revenue

Using the growth rate of 4.9%, we can estimated that Disneyland’s average daily revenue in 2019 is probably around 7.9 Million USD. This is an estimate, as Disneyland does not release exact figures, but this should give us a good ballpark figure for a single day’s performance. This number does not include revenue from exclusive events, concerts, and other activities hosted by the park, which could increase the amount of money earned in a day but are impossible to estimate accurately.


Disneyland is one of the world’s most iconic theme parks, and one of the few places that provide a truly magical experience for everyone. Even though it can be difficult to estimate the total amount of money Disneyland brings in each day, we can infer that it generates a lot of money. Using growth rate trends and average yearly revenue, we can estimate that Disneyland brings in around 7.9 Million USD in revenue each day.

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