How Tall Is God? The Eternal Debate Explored

The question of how tall is God is one that has been debated amongst theologians, scholars, and religious followers alike for centuries. With the concept of an omniscient, omnipresent being, the idea of a physical height is generally difficult to paste on to such a figure of such grandiose proportions. So, how tall is God? Let’s explore the debate.

There are no definitive biblical references to God’s physical height in either the Old or New Testaments. Rather, the Bible’s imagery surrounding God suggests something far greater than a measure of inches or a range of feet – it suggests a figure of unlimited power, a figure of indescribable magnitude. The Old Testament Bible books of Isaiah and Ezekiel contain references to the glory of God, the wonder of heaven, and suggest a figure far greater than can be contained in one physical form. Similarly, the New Testament’s references to God tend to focus on the divine nature of his being, often avoiding any specific physical references.

Although a numerical height for God cannot be confirmed, there are numerous references to God as an infinitely big and powerful being throughout the Bible. The book of Job is particularly informative; it speaks of God’s power and greatness, describing him as having ‘stretched out the heavens, and made mighty power on high’. It’s clear, then, that the Bible views God as a figure of ultimate power and magnitude, and this view is commonly held by modern theologians and scholars.

Next, let’s look at the views of those who believe this question can be answered in some measure. Generally, most of these theories fall into one of two categories: the finite or the infinite view. The finite view suggests that God does have a physical form, and so could be measured in terms of height. The usual range stated is anywhere between two thousand feet (600 m) to infinite, depending on the context. This view is often supported by contemporary religious scholars and philosophers, as it allows them to piece together some kind of image of God as a person.

The infinite point of view puts forward the idea that God exists beyond physical form, and so cannot be measured in terms of inches or feet. This view is often supported by more traditional religious figures, as it allows them to maintain a greater sense of mystery and awe around the figure of God, and to reserve judgement on His true form.

At the end of the day, the question of how tall is God is one that will continue to be debated for centuries to come. It’s likely that it’s a question that has no specific definitive answer, due to the lack of physical evidence. Yet, what is certain is that, however one believes the answer to the question, God is believed to be an infinitely powerful and awe-inspiring figure.

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