Months of the Year Quiz for Grade 1

Learning the months of ‍the year can be critical for children in grade 1. ​This quiz includes 20 questions to help children learn the months​ of the year. Test your student’s knowledge and⁤ use ⁣this ⁤as ⁣a great way to learn as well!

Quiz Questions

Q1: Which month ⁣is ‌the first in⁢ a year?

A:⁢ January
B : March
C: October
D: June

Answer: A – January

Q2: How many months are in a year?

A: 18
B : ⁢10
C: 12
D: 6

Answer: C – 12

Q3: Which month ​has the shortest name?

A: April
B : June
C: September
D: May

Answer: D – May

Q4: What⁤ is the middle ​month of the ⁤year?

A: February
B ‍: April
C:​ July
D: November

Answer: C⁢ – July

Q5: In which month does Christmas take place?

A: July⁤
B : October ⁣
C: December
D:⁣ November ⁣

Answer: C – December

Q6: ‍Which month comes after‌ June?

A: March
B : September
C: July
D: April

Answer: C – July

Q7: Which ‍month comes after April?

A: June
B : August
C: September
D: May

Answer: ⁤D – May

Q8: How many months have the letter “R” in their name?

A: 5
B : 7
C: 3
D: 0​

Answer: ⁢B – 7

Q9: When is New‌ Year’s Day?

A: December​ 31st‍
B : January 2nd
C: January 1st⁢
D:⁢ February 1st

Answer: C – January 1st

Q10: In which month is Thanksgiving celebrated?

A: October
B : May
C: April
D: ​November

Answer: D – November

Q11: What month comes before⁢ July?

A: September​
B : August ⁣
C: ​June
D: March⁣

Answer: ​C -⁣ June

Q12: In which month do most schools start back up?

A: March
B : April‌
C: ‌August
D: May

Answer: C – August

Q13: In which ​month is Valentine’s Day?

A: August
B :⁢ January
C:‍ February
D: July

Answer: C – February

Q14: How many months have 30 days?

A:⁣ 7
B​ : 6 ​
C: 5
D: 4

Answer: B – 6

Q15: In which month is Halloween?

A: March
B : April
C: October
D: July⁣

Answer: C – October

Q16: How many ‍months‍ have‍ 31 days?

A: 5
B : 4
C: 6⁣
D: 7 ​

Answer: C – 6

Q17: Which month is the seventh in a year?

A: July
B⁣ : April
C: December
D: October

Answer: A – July

Q18: What ⁢months ⁣have​ 28⁢ days?

A: March
B : January
C: February
D: April ⁤

Answer: C – February

Q19: Which month comes after⁤ October?

A: January
B : November
C: June​
D: December

Answer: B – November

Q20: ‍What month‍ has the longest name?

A: ‍September
B : October
C: February
D: January

Answer: A – September

Learning about the months of the year is ‌critical for children in grade 1. With​ this quiz, students can test​ their knowledge and sharpen their grasp of the‌ months of the year. Parents​ and teachers can use this quiz to help students learn as well. This⁣ quiz ‌includes 20 questions that touch on different aspects‍ of the months of the year, from⁣ the first to the last month and everything in between. ⁤

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