[Explained] How can you integrate IAM with data centers security

Short Answer: SAML. Read ahead for more understanding.

IAM stands for Identity and Access management. The questions ask about the integration of IAM with data centers. Why is the integration required?

How can you integrate IAM with data centers security

It is required to control the access to resources at the data centers. So that all the access is done through authorization and authentication.

IAM provides a lot of controls to manage the access controls. IAM can be integrated with data centers using identity federation. SAML ( Security assertion markup language ) is used to do the integration.

So when you need to answer “How can you integrate IAM with data centers security“? and you have below options

  • SAML
  • AWS Direct Connect
  • None of the options

Your answer should be SAML

What is IAM?

IAM is a Cloud service to control the Identity and Access Management of different Services.

What is a data center?

The datacenter is the infrastructure that hosts computers, LANs, Switches, applications and serves applications over the cloud.

What is data center security?

Datacenter security is to prevent unauthorized access to services hosted at data center. The security can be a level physical, Application, Network, database etc.

What is SAML?

SAML is Security Assertion Markup language, used as a secure method of communication during the authorization and authentication process between services.

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