Which of the following software is necessary to install webpack

Before we answer “Which of the following software is necessary to install webpack?” we need to understand what is a webpack? Webpack is a software which can bundle specially JavaScript files which can be used efficiently in a browser. I can be also extended to bundle assets such as images, fonts and stylesheets

In short It identifies all the dependent files , convert into modules and bundles the entire network up into manageable output files which is quite useful for Single Page Application programs (SPAs)

Webpack provides a node.js api to do these activities.

So if you have MCQ to select one from below list

a) Visual Basic

b) node.js

c) JVM

d) All of the above

Answer is b) Node.js

So a one line answer for questions

Which software is necessary to install webpack?


What is webpack?

Its a dependent files bundler for web applications especially used with Javascript.

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