Based on the values in cell b77:b81 what functions can automatically return the value in cell c77

The function that can automatically return the value in cell c77 is Min().

Sometimes, the data points within a spreadsheet are not always consistent or reliable. This means that values might change depending on where they appear in the sheet. For example, if you enter the value of a cell into a formula, it might return the wrong result. Or if you try to enter a number into a certain range, it might fail.
In Excel, you can create ranges (for example, D2:E10) and then apply formulas to them. If you want to get the value of a specific cell within those ranges, you can use the automatic function COUNTIFS().
The COUNTIFS() function can calculate the total count of cells matching a condition within a specified range. It can also identify whether the cell matches the given criteria.

So Based on the values in cell b77:b81 Min() function with automatically return the value.

  • The min() function is also used to find the item with the lowest value in an iterable or given set of data or arrays automatically.
  • In the case of string values, alphabetical comparison is carried out by using the min() function.
  • The min () function in an Excel sheet automatically returns the item with the lowest value.
  • The syntax of a min() function is: MIN(number1, [number2], …) number1, [number2], …
  • The min() function can take up to three individual arguments, with the smallest of which being -1.
  • In Excel, the min() function is considered as a statistical function.

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