Computer based record keeping system is known as

Computer based record keeping system is known as DBMS . Let see why?

From the options below

(a) Data Manipulation System 

(b) Computerized Data System 

(c) Computerized Record keeping system 

(d) DBMS

Data manipulation systems is a software which alters the data

Computerized data system is data stored but interpretation will be a challenge

Computerized Record keeping system  is a very high level term which doesn’t describe how.

DBMS is Database management System. Where Data is stored in form which can be extracted using Computer commands

Answer is (d) DBMS

RDBMS is next level of DBMS where data is stored relationally-

DBMS is a computer software for storing, retrieving, defining , and managing the data in a database.

CRUD Operations are possible in DBMS records CRUD stands for create , Read , Update and Delete.

Data and information


What is DBMS vs RDBMS?

in DBMS data is stored in File systems etc. RDBMS Stored in Tables. Multiple users can access RDBMS while DBMS is single user.

What is record keeping?

Records are Data stored to provide information

What is CRUD in DBMS?

CRUD are operation applied on data ( Create , Read , Update and Delete)


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