Point Slope Form

The point slope form of a line that has a slope of 1/4 and passes through the point (3, 0) is shown.

y – 0 = 1 – 4 (X – 3)

What is the equation in slope-intercept form?

Solving equations using point slope formulas can be useful when working out how much something costs. Suppose you wanted to work out how many points you’d earn per hour of babysitting. To calculate this you could use the point slop formula and plug in the values of x and y. Then you’d get x hourly pay / number of hours $10 / 8 $1.25. The point slope formulas make it easier to work out these kinds of problems.


slope intercept form is Y= mx+c m is the slopeand c is y intercept


y=x/4-3/4 this is the slope intercept form

More About Point Slope Form

The point slope formula is simply the equation of y mx + b where x is the independent variable (the number you’re solving for) and y is the dependent variable (the number you want). So if we were to solve for x then we would have y 2x – 1 2(x-0.5) – 1 2x – 0.5 – 1 2x + 0.5

Point Slope Formula

If you wanted to find the value of x given y 4 then you could use the point slope formula to get x 4/2 2. If you wanted to find the inverse of the function you could do the same thing and plug in 4 for x and get y -2.

Solving Equations Using Point Slope Formulas

If you wanted to know what the value of x was at y 5 then you could just plug in 5 for x in the point slope formula and get x 5/2 2.5. When you solve equations using the point slope formula, you don’t need to worry about whether the answer makes sense! You can always check your answers by plugging them back into the original equation. If they match the original equation then you’ve solved the equation correctly.

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