Write any two compound words of your own

Let’s understand in short what is a compound word before we answer the query to “Write any two compound words of your own

A compound word is formed by mixing 2 individual words like Bus is an individual word, Stop is another one. If we combine these 2 we get Busstop. So BusStop is a compound word.

There are three forms of compound words:

the closed form, in which the words are melded together, such as notebook, waistcoat, softball, childlike, crosstown, bookstore.

the hyphenated form, such as up-to-date, master-at-arms, upside-down, six-pack, mass-population;

and the open form, such as living room, dinner table, middle class, full moon, coffee mug.

With the above examples, we can easily identify or form compound words by ourselves.

Blackboard, Sunlight, Restrooms , bicycle, Postman, landmark are some examples.

FAQs on compound words

How many forms of compound words are there?

There are basically three forms. Closed form, hyphenated form, and open form.

Write any two Open Compound words of your own

Dinner table, Upper class

What words make up the compound word dragonfly?
a) dra, gone, and fly
b) butter and fly
c) dragon and fly
d) drag, on, and fly

Dragonfly is a compound word of (c) Dragon and Fly

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