When iron and sulphur are heated at high temperature

When iron and sulphur are heated at high temperature, a Chemical reaction takes place during the healing process. Sulphur (s) melts and reacts with iron (Fe) and undergoes an exothermic reaction to form iron or ferrous sulphide (FeS) which is black in color


When iron and sulphur powder are combined and heated, a chemical reaction takes place, Which results in forming of ferrous sulphide (FeS). It’s a totally separate chemical with qualities that are not common in Fe or S. This is because heating a powdered iron and sulphur combination results in a chemical change. Sulphur dioxide, an unpleasant, poisonous, and suffocating gas, may be produced by burning both solid and molten sulphur. It depicts the exothermic reaction of two elements, iron and sulphur, to produce iron sulphide as a compound.

When you heat iron and sulphur together, you get iron sulphide, which is a chemical.


Black colored Iron Sulphide (FeS ) is formed

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When iron and sulphur are heated at high temperature
(a) Black colored FeS is formed
(b) Mixture of iron and sulphur is obtained
(c) Yellow colored iron sulphide is formed
(d) They do not heat.

Answer (a) Black colored FeS is formed
When iron filings and sulphur powder are mixed and heated they undergo a chemical reaction and form ferrous sulphide (FeS). It is a new substance which has properties entirely different from Fe and S.Therefore, heating of mixture of iron and sulphur powder is a chemical change.

What happens if sulphur is heated?

Sulphur starts to melt at 115oC. At 200oC, It starts vaporizing before reaching the boiling point. When it is heated above 445oC, it will ignite. Also the color changes from yellow to red and starts to boil at 400oC.

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