Rhyming Words Quiz for Grade 1



Welcome to this fun interactive rhyming words quiz for grade 1! A⁣ wonderful⁤ way for children ⁤to learn rhymes while at the same time getting to play a game. This quiz is designed with​ the age-appropriate vocabulary and topics to keep your little ones engaged. The aim of this‌ quiz‌ is to help students become comfortable‍ with the sound and function of rhyming words. Get ready and let’s start!‍

Quiz Questions

Q1: What is the rhyme of two?

Options: ⁣
A: do
B: zoo
C: glue
D: sew

Answer: A

Q2: What is ‍the rhyme of ‌cat?

A: sat
B: mat
C:‌ rat
D: fat

Answer: A

Q3: What is the rhyme of⁤ tall?

A: small
B: fall‍
C: call
D: ball

Answer: D

Q4: What ⁤is the ‍rhyme of tree?

A: three
B: four
C:⁣ bee
D: see

Answer: A

Q5: What is the rhyme of ‌house?

A: mouse
B: blouse
C: spouse
D: browse

Answer: ​A

Q6: What is ⁤the rhyme of four?

A: store
B: soar
C:‌ more
D: door

Answer: ⁤D

Q7: What ‌is the rhyme of bed?

A: red
B: sled⁢
C: wed
D: thread

Answer: B

Q8: What is the rhyme of one?

A: hone
B: cone
C: stone
D: lone

Answer: C

Q9: What is the rhyme of sing?

A: ring
B: sting
C: King
D: wing

Answer: A

Q10: What is the rhyme of​ ten?

A:‌ pen
B: ben
C: then
D:⁣ when

Answer: A

Q11: What is the rhyme of seven?

A: evil
B: save
C: eleven⁢
D: haven

Answer: D

Q12: What is ​the rhyme of joke?

A: spoke⁤
B: broke
C: poke
D: stroke

Answer: C

Q13: What is the rhyme of nine?

A: fine ⁤
B: wine
C: shine
D: mine

Answer: ⁢A

Q14: What is the rhyme of stop?

A: hop
B: crop ‌
C: mop
D: plop

Answer: ⁢D

Q15:​ What is the rhyme of sun?

A: done
B: run
C: gun⁢
D: none

Answer: B

Q16: What ⁢is ⁤the‌ rhyme of⁢ eight?

A: weight
B: fate ‌
C: late
D: great

Answer: D

Q17: What⁣ is the ‍rhyme of scared?

A: shared
B: dared
C: flared
D: stared

Answer: ⁢B

Q18: What is the rhyme of five?

A:⁢ drive
B: jive
C: give⁣
D:‌ hive

Answer: C

Q19: What is the rhyme of ​circle?

Options: ⁢
A: pickle
B: purrle
C: sparle
D: twinkle

Answer: D

Q20: What is the rhyme of stare?

A: ⁤there⁣
B: care
C: share
D: glare

Answer:⁣ D


Congratulations!⁤ You have completed ⁣this fun . We hope this ⁤has been an enjoyable and educational experience. Our goal is to lay the foundation for your child to become more comfortable ⁤with using, understanding and being able to identify words that rhyme. Keep exploring and learning!

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