Independence Day Quiz For Grade 2


Independence‍ Day⁣ is an incredibly important day for everyone in the United States ‍of America, and should ⁣always​ be celebrated. Given the⁣ importance of‍ the ⁣day,⁤ it’s only‌ fitting that educational tools be used to teach⁢ students about the concept. To help do this, we have created an amazing Independence Day quiz for Grade 2 students. This quiz is ‍aimed at helping Grade 2 students to understand ⁢the history and importance ​of Independence Day and why⁤ it should⁤ be⁣ celebrated.

At the end⁢ of ⁢the quiz, the answers ⁣will ⁣be provided to‍ make it easier for teachers, students, and quizmasters. Test your ‌knowledge ​and enjoy the quiz!


Q1: On what day do Americans celebrate Independence Day?

A: April 4th
B: November 11th
C: July 4th ​
D: October 10th

Answer: C: ‍July 4th

Q2:​ For how many ⁢years ⁤have Americans‌ been celebrating⁣ Independence Day?

A: 197
B:⁤ 57
C: 47
D: 243

Answer: B: 57

Q3: ‌What kind of ‌fireworks are used for ​Independence Day celebrations?

A: ⁢Fireworks Gunpowder
B:‌ Flash Crackers ‍
C: Bottle Rockets
D: Smoke Bombs

Answer: C: Bottle‌ Rockets

Q4:‌ What document did the second Continental Congress ratify on ⁢July 4th, 1776?

A: The Bill⁢ of Rights
B: The Declaration ‍of Independence
C: The United⁣ States Constitution
D: The Emancipation⁢ Proclamation

Answer: B: The Declaration of⁣ Independence

Q5: What is the official name of‍ the American ⁢Independence day celebration?

A: Elections Day
B: Independence Day
C: ‍Thanksgiving Day
D: Freedom Day

Answer: B:⁢ Independence Day

Q6: For​ what reason did the 13 original colonies‍ declare⁢ their independence from Britain?

A: ‌To escape taxation
B: To form a confederation
C:⁤ To gain more rights
D: To end a war

Answer: A: To‍ escape taxation

Q7: ⁢What ⁤American⁢ state was the first to declare independence from​ Great Britain?

A: Massachusetts
B: New Jersey
C: ⁣Virginia
D: Delaware​

Answer: A: Massachusetts

Q8: On what date was the Declaration of Independence issued?‍

A:‌ July‍ 4th 1776 ⁢
B: August 14th 1783
C: ​March 5th 1775
D: July⁤ 1st 1777 ⁢

Answer: A: July‍ 4th 1776

Q9: How many original signers are there on⁤ the Declaration of Independence?

A: 56
B: 25
C: 43
D: 42

Answer: A: 56

Q10: Who⁣ wrote the Declaration‌ of Independence?

A: ⁤Thomas Jefferson
B: George Washington
C:⁤ Benjamin Franklin
D: ⁣John Adams

Answer: A: Thomas Jefferson

Q11: What⁣ is the ‌traditional food ‌eaten on Independence Day?

A: ⁤Fried Chicken
B: Hot Dogs ⁤
C:⁢ Hamburgers
D: Chocolate Cake

Answer: B:​ Hot Dogs

Q12: Who is the American symbol of independence?

A: Benjamin Franklin
B: Thomas Jefferson
C: Uncle Sam
D: George Washington

Answer:⁢ C: Uncle ‌Sam

Q13:⁣ What ‌is ‌the traditional drink for celebrating Independence Day?

A: Milk
B: Coffee
C: Beer
D: Soda

Answer: D: ⁤Soda

Q14: What happened on ⁢July 4, 1776 that would begin America’s fight ⁤for independence?

A: The Continental Army was formed⁤
B: The Declaration of ‍Independence was ratified
C: The first​ battle of‍ the Revolutionary War took place
D: The Constitution was ‌signed

Answer: B: The Declaration of ‌Independence was ⁢ratified

Q15: How many U.S. states are part of the original 13 colonies?

A: 8
B: ⁣12
C:⁢ 9
D: 13

Answer: D: 13

Q16: Who is the first⁤ president of The United States of America?

Options: ​
A: Thomas Jefferson
B: John Adams
C: George Washington ⁢
D:⁢ Alexander Hamilton

Answer: C: George Washington

Q17:‍ Who developed the concept of independence for the 13 colonies? ​

A: Alexander Hamilton
B: Thomas Paine
C: George Washington
D: John ​Adams

Answer: B:⁢ Thomas Paine

Q18: What is the significant ⁤of⁢ the American flag?

A: Symbol of ⁤Peace
B: Symbol of Status
C: Symbol of National Pride
D: Symbol of Strength ⁣

Answer: C: Symbol of National Pride

Q19: What does the star on the American Flag represent?

A: The 13 Colonies⁣
B: The 50 States
C: The President
D: The Founding Fathers

Answer:‍ B: The 50 States

Q20: What scenic landmark in Philadelphia⁣ is home to the Liberty Bell?

A:​ Independence Hall
B: Valley Forge
C: Gettysburg
D: The White House

Answer: A: ‌Independence Hall


That’s it⁣ for our Independence Day Quiz for​ Grade 2! Now that you’ve gone through the quiz, your Grade 2 students should ‍have ⁢a better understanding ⁤of‍ the history and importance of Independence Day, and⁤ why it should⁢ be celebrated. Learning about Independence ‍Day can be fun and rewarding, and we‍ hope ​that this quiz made that process ⁤more enjoyable for both you and ‍your students.

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