Shapes Quiz For Grade 2

A Fascinating⁤ ⁣Students

Are you ‌ready to ​find out​ just how‍ much your​ 2nd graders know about⁢ shapes?⁤ Test their knowledge with this fun quiz featuring‍ 20 essential‌ questions. From angles to lines ⁢to polygons⁣ – their knowledge of different shapes will be tested to ​the max! Let’s begin.

Q1: What shape‌ has 4​ sides, 4 angles, and all sides‌ must ‍be ⁣equal?

A: Rectangle
B: Circle
C: Triangle‍
D: ‌Pentagon

Answer: D: Pentagon‍ (A pentagon has 5 equal-length sides⁣ and 5 angles).⁢

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