how old was jesus when the wise men came

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How Old Was Jesus When The Wise Men Came?

The Bible does not provide an exact time frame for when the wise men arrived at the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

However, we can make an educated estimate of his age based on the Biblical accounts. The most widely accepted belief is that Jesus was a young child at the time, no older than two.

The Gospel of Matthew states that when the wise men asked King Herod where they should find Jesus, they were told to look for a “young child” in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:9-11). This would suggest Jesus was very young when the wise men visited.

When Herod asked for the wise men to provide an update about Jesus, he ordered the death of all males aged two and under (Matthew 2:16). This is strong evidence that Jesus was no older than two when the wise men made their visit.

The Bible also tells us that Mary and Joseph were keeping Jesus in a manger at the time of the wise men’s visit (Luke 2:7). This would indicate that Jesus was still a newborn or very young infant when the wise men arrived.

While we cannot be certain of Jesus’ exact age when the wise men came, we can be sure that he was a young child. His infant years were spent in a humble manger in Bethlehem, surrounded by wise men, shepherds, and angels who honored his birth.

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