how big is a 12 inch pizza

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How Big Is a 12-Inch Pizza?

The size of a pizza is usually measured by its diameter, and the 12-inch pizza is a popular size for both commercial and home use. With a 12-inch diameter, the pizza has an area of roughly 113 square inches — or 0.07 square feet — of available space for toppings. In terms of circumference, the 12-inch pizza has a circumference of 37.7 inches.

In terms of slices, a 12-inch pizza typically yields six slices. The thickness of the slices may vary depending on the style and type of pizza, ranging from a thin-crust, Chicago-style pizza to a deep-dish pizza. Slices can also be cut using different shapes, such as “wedges” or “strips,” to create larger or smaller bite sizes.

Due to its size, the 12-inch pizza is a relatively affordable and versatile option for pizza parties or family dinners. A 12-inch pizza is enough to feed one to two people, depending on the size of the slices and the appetite of the individual. A single 12-inch pizza usually costs less than a medium-sized pizza, making it a good economical choice as well.

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