how many ounces in 2/3 cup

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How Many Ounces in 2/3 Cup?

The question of how many ounces are in 2/3 cup is a common one. The answer is simple: 10.66 ounces. This measurement is equal to 5.33 tablespoons, which is the equivalent of 1/3 cup plus 2 tablespoons.

If you need to convert from cups to ounces, it’s easy to do with a kitchen scale or measuring cups. Start with the amount of water that you need – typically 2/3 cup. Then, measure it with a measuring cup or kitchen scale. Finally, take that measurement and convert it to ounces. To do so, simply multiply the cups measurement by 8. For example, if you have 2/3 cup of a liquid, that would be equivalent to 8 x 2/3, or 10.66 ounces.

This conversion is useful for when you need to measure ingredients for baking and cooking. Many recipes will provide measurements in cups and tablespoons, but you may need more precise measurements. Knowing the amount of ounces in a cup can help you to more accurately measure your ingredients.

In conclusion, there are 10.66 ounces in 2/3 cup. If you need to convert cups to ounces, simply multiply the cups measurement by 8, which will give you the corresponding number of ounces.

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