How Far Is Balmoral Castle From London? An Insightful Guide

If you are planning to visit Balmoral Castle in Scotland, one of Queen Elizabeth II’s royal residences, you may be wondering how far it is from London. Despite the Balkan mountains seemingly huge physical distance, it is actually easier than you think to get there from the UK capital.

The Distance

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to how far Balmoral Castle is from London. This is because the distance depends on what route you take, how quickly you travel, and other factors. On average, it takes around 8 hours or 585 miles to travel from London to Balmoral Castle.

Travel to Balmoral

The quickest route to travel to Balmoral Castle is by airplane. You can fly from London to Edinburgh Airport and then hire a car to drive to the castle. This should take you around 3 hours in the air and only an hour or two to cover the remaining distance.

Another option is to take public transportation. You will need to take a train from London to Aberdeen and then take a bus from there. This journey will take around 8 hours, but it will be the most cost-effective way of traveling.

Of course, you could also choose to drive yourself. If you are planning to do this, remember that the roads in Scotland tend to be more challenging than those in England and you may face unpredictable weather conditions.

Where to Stay

You will also need to consider where you will stay while traveling to Balmoral Castle. There are plenty of options to choose from, ranging from hotels, guesthouses, and B&Bs.

If you are looking for something a little more luxurious, you can check out the nearby Achnagairn Estate. As well as offering spectacular views of the famous estate, it also provides facilities such as a spa, pool and the stylish Belvedere Bar and Restaurant.


In conclusion, it is possible to get to Balmoral Castle from London in as little as 8 hours, even though it may seem like quite a long journey. Your journey time and how you travel will depend on your preference and budget.

When you arrive, you can either choose to stay in one of the local hotels, or you can find something a little more luxurious at the nearby Achnagairn Estate. Either way, you are sure to have a great time visiting Balmoral Castle and its stunning surroundings.

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