How Far is Balmoral Castle From London? A Guide for First Time Visitors

If you’re a first-time visitor to the UK, you may be wondering how far Balmoral Castle is from London. After all, the two cities are located in different countries, so it can be difficult to estimate the distance between them. As it turns out, the answer is relatively simple. Balmoral Castle is located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and is an approximate 380-mile (610 km) journey from London.

An image of the Balmoral Castle.

The castle was built for Queen Victoria in 1856 and has been continuously owned by the British Royal Family ever since. Visiting Balmoral Castle requires some extra planning and is only open to visitors for a handful of days in the summer. Even if you book tours or tickets in advance, you should allow yourself at least a full day to explore the castle and grounds.

Getting to Balmoral Castle

The most direct route from London to Balmoral Castle is by train. You’ll take the Eurostar down to Paris and then transfer to a train headed to Scotland. From Scotland, you’ll then connect to a local train to the town of Ballater, which is the nearest station to Balmoral Castle. The journey will take about 10 hours in total.

You could also rent a car and drive from London to Balmoral Castle. This would be a much longer journey, clocking in at about 12 hours’ drive time without stops. However, you’d get to explore some of the lovely countryside along the way.


We hope that this article has answered your question about how far Balmoral Castle is from London. Although it takes a full day to get there, the journey can be well worth the effort. Beautiful countrysides, stunning castle grounds, and friendly locals will make your visit to Balmoral Castle a trip to remember.

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