Are You Curious About How Tall Is God? Here’s the Answer!

When it comes to questions about the divine, one of the most popular curiosities is the size of God. How tall is the divine being watching over us?

We can’t answer this question definitively, since it is of course impossible to know God’s exact height. We can, however, turn to religious scriptures and historical texts to get a better idea of what different cultures have thought of God’s stature.

In religious texts like the Bible, God is often likened to giants, with some passages using language like “the shields of the mighty are made red, the valiant men are in scarlet”. Additionally, we can find references to divine and angelic figures being “exceedingly tall”.

In Hinduism, God is often referred to as “Paramatma”, meaning “The Supreme Universal Being”. This can imply a concept of God as infinite and omnipresent, stretching beyond the physical bounds of width, length and height. The sacred literature of Hinduism also describes God as having a formless form, being infinite in size and beyond limitations.

In Islam, we can find references to the vastness and greatness of Allah’s stature. Surah al-Furqan says that no one is able to imagine the true vastness and greatness of Allah, and Surah al-Tawba describes God’s size as being incomparable. Some Islamic scholars have also interpreted references in the Qur’an and Hadith to mean that Allah is infinite in size.

No matter what, it seems that God is too vast and all-encompassing to be measured. That being said, we should all be inspired to contemplate and meditate on the greatness of God’s power, figure, and presence in our lives.

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