Grammar Quiz for Grade 1

Grammar⁤ is an essential part of language and literacy. For young learners, it’s important to develop strong grammar and language skills right from the ‌beginning. The following quiz for Grade 1 students tests‍ their knowledge on grammar rules⁢ and usage. Take the quiz and find out if your⁣ class is ready to master grammar rules and language.


Q1. Select the⁢ correct sentence:

A: She jump out of bed

B: She jumped out of bed

C: She jumping out of bed

D: ‍She‌ jumpeds out of bed

Answer: B – She jumped out of bed

Q2. What is the correct possessive form ​ for “Rita”

A: ⁢ Ritas

B: Ritas’

C: Rita’s


Answer: C – Rita’s

Q3. What is the correct⁢ word for run away?

A: Runnable

B: Runned⁢

C: Runaround

D: Ran

Answer:⁣ D – Ran

Q4. What is the correct form of “to be”?

A: Is

B: Am

C: Are

D: Be

Answer: A – ⁣Is

Q5.Select‌ the correct sentence

A:‍ She has seven dresses

B: She has seven dress

C: She have seven dress

D: She ⁢have seven dresses

Answer: A – She has seven dresses

Q6. What is the correct plural form of⁤ car?⁤

A: Carses ⁢

B: Car’s

C: Car

D: Cars ⁤⁤

Answer:⁤ D – Cars

Q7. What is the past tense of “see”? ‌

A: Sawen

B:‌ Seeed

C: Saw

D: Sees

Answer: C – Saw

Q8.Select the correct sentence

A: He⁤ has a basketballs

B: He has two basketball

C: He has two basketballs

D: He ‍has a basketball

Answer: C – He has two basketballs

Q9. Select the‍ correct possessive form for ‍”girls”‌ ​

A: Girl’ses

B: Girl’s

C: ⁣Girls’s

D: Girles

Answer: B – Girl’s

Q10.What is‌ the correct word for swim?

A: Swimmed

B: Swimming

C: Swams⁣

D: Swam

Answer: D – Swam

Q11. What is the correct form of “how” ?

A: Hows

B: How are

C: How’d

D: How

Answer: D – How

Q12.Select the correct sentence

A:⁤ I have six penciles

B:⁣ I have six pencil

C: I has six pencils

D: I have six pencils

Answer: D‌ – I have six pencils

Q13. What is the plurals form of ​”fox” ?

A: Fox

B: Foxs

C: Foxes

D: Fox’s

Answer: C – Foxes

Q14. What is the past tense of “think” ?

A: Thinking

B: Thought

C: Thinked

D: Thinks

Answer: B – Thought

Q15.Select the correct sentence

A: She have four apples

B: She has four apple

C: She has four apples

D: She have four apple

Answer: ‌C – She has four apples

Q16. What is the possessive form for “ßheep” ​

A: Sheepes

B: Sheep’s

C: Sheep ⁤

D: Sheeps

Answer: B – Sheep’s

Q17. What is ‌the correct word for crawl?

A: Crawled

B: Crawling

C: Crawls

D: Crawlss

Answer: A – ⁣Crawled

Q18. What ​is the correct form ⁤of “hurting” ‍?

A: Hurts

B: Hurtings

C: Hurt

D: Hurted

Answer: C – Hurt

Q19.Select the correct sentence ⁤

A: He has many dog

B: He have many dog

C:⁢ He have‍ many dogs

D: He has many​ dogs

Answer: D – He has many dogs

Q20. What is ⁢the plurals form of “baby” ? ‌

A: Babys

B: Babies

C: Baby’s

D: Baby

Answer: B – Babies

At⁣ the end of the quiz, you⁤ should have​ a good understanding of ⁤the Grade 1 grammar rules and usage. This quiz is a great ⁣way to assess students’ understanding⁣ of grammar ⁣concepts and help them improve ‌their language and written ​skills. Good ‍luck and ⁣have fun while mastering grammar.

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