A Thirsty crow story for class 6 7 8 9

The summary of a thirsty crow story for class 6 goes like this : On a very hot summer day a crow was very thirsty. He was searching for water but was not getting anywhere. He was flying all around different places. All the ponds and ditches had dried up. He was not getting tired after flying for so long and different places. Suddenly he saw a pitcher under a tree. The crow flew down and sat on the pitcher and found that the pitcher had litter water but it was difficult to drink from that as the crow could not reach it. He looked around and saw some pebbles. Then an idea struck to him . He picked up the pebbles one by one with his beak and dropped them into the pitcher. After doing this for some time and dropping may pebbles soon the water came up to the mouth of the pitcher. The crow happily drank the water and flew away .

few terms to understand

What is pitcher?: is a bowl made of mud hardened with heat

What are Pebbles? : Pebbles are small stones

So for the question

What is the moral of a thirsty crow story ?

The moral of story is Need and Want makes anyone think beyond normal and invent solutions to solve problems.

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