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To convert 15 into decimal, lets understand percentages. Percentages are calculated using 100% divided by the number of items being counted. So if we have 100% of something, then it would be equal to 1.

15% is equal to the decimal 0.15  ( 15/100)

Decimals are calculated using 10% multiplied by the number of items in the total. So if we had 5% of something, then we would multiply 5% times the number of items in our total. Then we would add the results together to get our final answer.

If you want to convert a percentage to a decimal, you would divide the percentage by 100. So if we wanted to know how many grams of protein were in a certain food item, we could do the following:
100% / 100 1 gram of protein per serving.
So if we wanted to find out how much protein was in a cup of milk, we would divide the amount of protein (in grams) by the number of servings (one cup).

To convert a decimal back to a percentage, you would multiply the decimal by 100%. So if we wanted to find the amount of protein in a cup of milk again, we would multiply the amount of protein (grams) by the number of cups (one cup).

15% as fraction

As fraction 15 percent is 15 / 100

=> 3/20

You may notice that percentages and decimals are not always interchangeable. A percentage is always a whole number while a decimal is never a whole number.

Another way to think about percentages and decimals is that they both represent parts of a whole. A percentage represents a portion of a whole, while a decimal represents a fraction of a whole.

When converting between percentages and decimals, remember that the smaller the denominator, the closer the result will be to zero. So if we want to convert 20% to a decimal, we would use the following formula:
20% / 100 0.2
If we wanted to convert 50% to a decimal, then we would use the following equation:
50% / 100 0,5

There are two ways to calculate percentages. One method is to start at the bottom and work your way up, while the second method is to start at top and work down.

If you want to calculate a percentage based off of a ratio, you would first figure out what the numerator is and then divide it by the denominator.

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