Write a short note on the island group of India

India is surrounded by water on three sides, and it has several island groups that are a part of its territory. The two main island groups of India are the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, located in the Bay of Bengal, and the Lakshadweep Islands, located in the Arabian Sea.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of around 570 islands, out of which only around 38 are inhabited. These islands are home to several indigenous tribes, and they are also a popular tourist destinations due to their natural beauty, rich biodiversity, and historical significance. The islands are known for their stunning beaches, coral reefs, and dense forests.

The Lakshadweep Islands are a group of 36 coral islands, out of which only 10 are inhabited. These islands are also known for their natural beauty and are a popular tourist destinations. The islands have a unique ecosystem, with several endemic species of flora and fauna.

Both island groups are an integral part of India’s cultural and natural heritage, and they contribute significantly to the country’s economy through tourism and fisheries. The Indian government is taking steps to preserve the unique biodiversity and cultural heritage of these islands while promoting sustainable development.

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