Why is Google Search so stupid?

Why is Google Search so stupid is a questions which comes to everyone’s mind at some point of time during there googling of answers to some questions.

And the moment you face the awkward results of your query you ask this question why the search results so stupid. Is google making us stupid summary?

One needs to understand that google may not be correct every time as it is a machine and doesn’t understand the INTENT behind the searches.. though the news search algorithms give finding the INTENT as the most critical criteria to so the search results.

but there would be times where google may not be able to understand the intent and hence the results are awkward.

We should forgive google for this and keep providing feedback so that google can improve. The newer algorithms are equipped with AI and machine learning capabilities through with the results will be better and will keep getting better.

So for the question to

Why is Google Search so stupid?

Answer is: Because its not human…..

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