Why did the poet feel more at home with animals than humans?

The questions Why did the poet feel more at home with animals than humans? , is of class 10 poem Animals by Walt Whitman. Walt Whitman is a major figure in early American poetry. He broke the tradition of rhymed and metrical poetry. The poem ‘animals’ is from his work ‘Song of Myself’ in Leaves of grass.

The poet feels more at home with animals than humans because he believes that animals are do not possess any human vices and jealousies .They are simple living creatures and are content with their lives.

In the poem Animals, the poet has explained his will certainly to become an animal because he thinks animals are far much better than people. Humans are complete and also greedy of envy against each other. Pets are tranquil and self included.

The pets are happy with what they have. They never whine regarding sufferings as well as griefs.

On the other hand humans complain regarding their torments. They provide a lot more relevance to the solid as well as rich individuals, stay uneasy because of their misdeeds and also run behind the elegant points of this world. Whereas animals are truthful about their relationships as well as don’t give significance to a certain class.

They live a life which teems with honesty and much less of greed as well as jealousy.

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