[Solved] which of the following are not cause of water scarcity

The question which of the following are not cause of water scarcity comes with different options Sets

If the options are as below

  • a)rapid growth of population
  • b)uneven distribution of water resources
  • c)construction of dams and resources
  • d)increase in demand 

Then the answer is c as construction of dams do not create water scarcity

c) Construction of dams and resources do not cause scarcity of water.

When the options are as below the answer is C.

  • A. Rapid growth of industries.
  • B. Increasing population
  • C. Heavy rainfall
  • D. Mismanagement of water resources

A very valuable resource on the Earth is water. Rain loads alcohol consumption water containers, supplies a residence for fish to reside in, and also nurtures the dirt with water that is crucial for plant life.

Rainwater harvesting is used to preserve water for future usage, in which raindrops are recorded. So, heavy rainfall can not be responsible for water scarcity.

Water scarcity is typically affected by two considerable elements, which are the expanding usage of freshwater and also the decrease of fresh water resources that are available. Furthermore, there could be 2 types of shortage: physical water deficiency as well as economic water shortage.

C. Heavy rainfall

If the options are as below

  • a) Increasing Urbanisation
  • b) Increasing Population
  • c) Rising Living Standards
  • d) Precipitation

d) Precipitation

so for the question

Which of the following are not cause of water scarcity?

Answer is : Precipitation because Precipitation doesn’t decreases ground water level but actually increases it. So it cannot be the reason for water scarcity. 

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