What is a Captionless Image

Wondering what is a Captionless Image?

Captionless Image
Captionless Image Example

A captionless image is a photograph without any text written over the top of the picture. There should always be some kind of title or sub-title beneath the photo. If you have no idea what to write, then just write something simple like “Cannabis”.

Captions are often added to images to provide additional information or context. They also serve as a way to organize text into columns. But sometimes they don’t add anything useful. And some people consider them distracting.

Captions are also useful because they provide information that helps viewers engage with your content. If you want to increase engagement, captions can be a powerful tool.

However, some websites don’t allow captions at all. This means that you can’t put them on their images. The only option left is to write a description instead.

So for the question to

What is a Captionless Image?

A Captionless Image is an image that lacks meaningfulness.

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