Water Cycle Quiz For Grade 2

A ‍Comprehensive ‍

The water cycle works on the ⁣simple, yet effective, concept of the evaporations and condensation of water. Brassed on ⁣this concept, grade ⁢2 students will learn about ⁤the journey of water from‍ the clouds to the sea. To test their knowledge,​ we’ve put together ‌this comprehensive quiz together. Let’s⁣ get started:

Q1: The sun’s energy is responsible​ for?

A: The formation of​ clouds
B: The circulation of oceans
C: The melting of glaciers​
D:⁣ All of the above⁣

Answer: D: All of the above

Q2: Which‌ of the following is not the part​ of⁤ the water cycle?

A: Evaporation
B: Surface Runoff
C: Condensation
D: Fire

Answer: D: Fire

Q3: What is the form of water ⁤when it gets⁤ evaporated?

A: Liquid‍
B: Snow
C: Snow Flakes
D: Gas

Answer: D: Gas

Q4:‍ What⁤ are the different phases ⁣of water in the water‌ cycle?

A: ‍Solid, Liquid, and Gas
B: Water, Earth, and Air
C: Cloud,‍ Fogs, and ‌Smogs
D: Water, Fire, and Air

Answer: A: Solid, Liquid, and Gas

Q5: Which of the following​ cause water to ⁣evaporate?

A: Temperature
B: ​Wind
C: Pressure
D: All of the above

Answer: D:⁣ All‍ of the‍ above

Q6: Where does condensation take place?

A:⁣ The sky
B:‍ The desert
C: The ocean
D: ‍The​ ground

Answer: ‌A: The ⁢sky

Q7: How is​ condensation formed?

A:⁣ By heating⁤ the water
B: By‌ cooling the water ‌
C: By boiling⁣ the water
D: By‍ freezing‍ the ​water⁢

Answer: B:​ By cooling⁤ the water

Q8: What is the main source of the precipitation?

A: ⁢Ground
B: ​River
C: Clouds
D: Sun

Answer: C: Clouds

Q9: What are the main types ‍of precipitation?

A: ⁤Snow,‌ rain, and fog ‍
B: Snow, hail, and rain ‌
C: Hail, fog, and snow
D: Rain, hail, ⁢and fog

Answer: B: Snow, ​hail, and rain

Q10: What causes ⁤the water⁤ cycle?

A: Sunlight
B: Gravity
C: ⁤Wind
D: All of the above

Answer: ‍D: All of the above

Q11: What is ⁤the end⁤ result of the water cycle?

A: Water vapour
B: ⁣Rivers ‍
C:⁤ Oceans
D: All of ​the above

Answer:​ D: All of‍ the above

Q12: What are ⁣the three ‍stages in the water⁤ cycle?

A: Evaporation, Collection, and Distribution
B: Condensation, Precipitation, and ‌Collection
C: Evaporation, Precipitation, and Collection
D: Condensation, Evaporation, and Distribution

Answer: C: Evaporation,⁢ Precipitation, and Collection

Q13: What ‍is the first stage of the water ‍cycle?

A: Condensation
B: ⁤Evaporation
C: Collection
D: Precipitation

Answer: B: Evaporation

Q14: In⁣ which form does water reach the ground from clouds?

A: Solid
B: ⁤Liquid⁤
C: Gas
D: All​ of the ⁤above

Answer: D: All of the above

Q15: What is the process of water evaporating from the Earth’s surface?

A:⁣ Transpiration
B: Collection​
C: Distribution
D: Condensation ​

Answer: A:⁢ Transpiration

Q16: ‌How does‌ precipitation reach Earth?

A: ‍Falling from ⁤the sky
B:⁢ Melting from ‌glaciers
C: Evaporating from the ground ⁤
D: All of the above

Answer: A: Falling from the sky

Q17: What is ‌the last stage of ​the water cycle?

A:⁢ Evaporation
B: Transpiration
C:‍ Collection ​
D: Condensation

Answer: C: Collection

Q18: What is the scientific ‌name of the water cycle?

A: Hydrosphere Cycle
B: Hydrologic Cycle⁤
C: Hydropower Cycle
D:⁣ Hydrometric Cycle ⁣

Answer: B: Hydrologic Cycle

Q19: When the clouds‌ are cooled, what process occurs?

A: Condensation
B: Evaporation‍
C: Collection
D: Precipitation

Answer: A: ⁢Condensation

Q20: What are the three states of water?

A: Water, Earth, and Air
B: Snow, Fog, and ​Traps
C: Solid, ⁣Liquid, and⁣ Gas
D: ⁤Earth, Water, and Fire

Answer: C: ​Solid, Liquid, and Gas

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