Vocabulary Quiz For Grade 2

As a parent or teacher of a ⁣Grade ⁣2 student you know ​how important it is to motivate and challenge‍ them ‍to master new vocabulary words. To help you, we created‌ this fun Vocabulary Quiz for Grade 2! Doing this quiz with​ your child or student will help test their knowledge of important Vocabulary words and help reinforce learning.

Q1: Which word means a ⁢large group of animals?

A: Flock

B: Drive ⁣

C: Scar

D: Harbor

Answer: A: Flock

Q2: Which word means to⁤ say ⁢or shout?

A:⁣ Call​

B: Shield ‍ ‍

C: terror

D: Cream

Answer: A: Call

Q3: Which word means not changing or not able to be changed?

A: Harmful

B:​ Stationary

C: Mental

D: Intrigued

Answer: B: Stationary

Q4: Which word means a shape with 4 equal ⁤sides?

A: Octagon

B: Rectangle‍

C: Quatrain ‍

D: Oval

Answer: B: Rectangle

Q5: Which ⁣word means a​ loud sound?

A: Grumble

B: Rattle

C: Boom ​

D: Rally

Answer:⁤ C: Boom

Q6: Which word means the dark part of the moon?

A: Crescent

B: Crater

C: Illuminate

D: Fortune

Answer: B: Crater

Q7: Which‌ word means ⁤to make fun of?

A: Mimic ‌

B: Feast

C: Mock ​

D: Vindicate‌

Answer: C: Mock

Q8: Which word means the opposite of young?

A: Adorable

B: Exclude

C: Ancient

D: Cement

Answer: C: Ancient‌

Q9: Which word means wetness?

A: Mania

B: Moisture

C: Fragile

D: Ponder

Answer: B: Moisture ​

Q10: Which word means something or ‌someone forbidden?

A: Prohibited

B:⁢ Peril

C: Misfortune

D: Century‌

Answer: A: Prohibited

Q11: Which word means different from the others?

A: Reward

B: Unique

C: Prospect

D: Mantle

Answer: B: Unique

Q12: Which word means to ‍dislike⁤ something?

A: Relish​

B:⁤ Dislike

C: Yearn

D: Scatter

Answer: B: Dislike

Q13: Which word means something shining or glittering?

A: Glare

B: Spring‌

C: ⁣Sparkling

D: Carve

Answer:‍ C: Sparkling

Q14: Which word means something forming a ring?

A: ⁢Detail

B: Confused

C: Torn


Answer: D: Circle

Q15: Which word means metal and wood used for protection?

A:⁣ Armor ⁤

B: Temperance

C: Luxury

D: Formal

Answer: A:⁣ Armor

Q16: Which word ⁣means not enough?

A: Extraordinary

B:⁤ Insufficient

C: Treasury

D: Splendid

Answer: B: Insufficient

Q17: Which ​word means a large open ⁣area?

A: Vacant​

B: Wasteland

C: ​Prairie

D: Citadel

Answer:‍ C: Prairie

Q18: Which word means happening yearly?

A: Once

B: Twice

C: Annually

D: Monthly

Answer: C: Annually

Q19: Which‌ word means face⁤ to face?

A: Into

B: Throughout

C: In person

D: Shortly

Answer: C: ⁤In person

Q20: Which word means a container that ‌is placed on a table?

A: Arrangement

B: Basin

C: Carton

D: Pitcher

Answer: B: Basin

We ​hope⁤ that you and your Grade 2 student enjoyed ⁤this fun Vocabulary Quiz for‍ Grade ‌2. Remember, these quizzes are a great way to encourage active learning and ⁢help your student to better remember important words, which will⁣ be useful for their future academic career!

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