Quiz questions on My Pet for Class 1

Pets are ‍a wonderful gift to‌ children as they can help them to learn responsibility and care while also providing them with lots ⁤of fun and entertainment. Pets‍ can teach children ⁤the important values of empathy and compassion, and having ‌a pet can boost both physical⁣ and ‍ mental ‍health. Students of class 1 can have lots of fun by testing their knowledge about⁤ My Pet by trying⁢ this quiz.

So, Here ⁤are ⁣some interesting quiz questions for Class 1 students‌ to test their knowledge:

Q1: What is the most ‍popular pet in the world?
A: Fish
B : Dogs
C: Cats
D: birds
Answer: B ⁣:​ Dogs‌

Q2: How many breeds of dogs are there?
A: 25
B : 40
C: 330
D: ⁣500
Answer: C: 330

Q3: What is the life expectancy of common house‌ cats?
A: 5-10 years
B : 10-15 years ⁤
C: 15-20 years⁤
D: 20-25 ‌years
Answer: B : 10-15 years

Q4: What type of animal is‍ a hamster? ‌
A:⁣ Reptile‍
B : Rodent
C:⁢ Rabbit
D:‍ Avian
Answer: B : Rodent

Q5:⁢ Does a tiger have stripes?
A: Yes
B : ⁤No⁤
C: Sometimes
D: Rarely
Answer: A: Yes⁢

Q6: Which of these is NOT a common small pet?
A: Guinea ‍Pig
B : Horse
C: Turtle
D: ‍Rabbit
Answer: B: ‌Horse

Q7: How often must a pet be given ⁢flea medicine?
A: Once a month
B : ​Twice a week
C:⁢ Twice a month
D: Once a‌ week
Answer: C: Twice ‍a⁢ month

Q8:⁣ What ⁤do you call a group of ⁤dogs?
A: Coven ⁤
B : Pack
C: Handful​
D:‍ Pride
Answer: B: Pack

Q9: What type of animal is a tortoise?
A: Reptile
B​ : Rodent
C: Rabbit
D:⁣ Avian
Answer: A: Reptile

Q10: Where do rabbits⁣ live?‌
A: Underground
B : In trees
C: In burrows ‌
D: In the wild
Answer: C: In burrows

Q11: What type of pet can talk?
A: Dogs
B : Parrots⁣
C: Cats
D: Mice
Answer: B: Parrots

Q12: What is the most popular type of bird to keep as a pet? ‍
A: Parrot
B : Canary
C:⁢ Sparrow
D: Pigeon
Answer: A: ⁢Parrot ‌

Q13: What type of animal‌ is a guinea pig?
A:​ Reptile
B : Rodent
C: Rabbit
D: Avian
Answer: B: Rodent

Q14: How do hamsters run?
A: Fast
B : Slow
C: Sideways
D: Backwards
Answer: D: Backwards

Q15: Which of ​these is NOT a common pet?
Options: ⁣
A:⁤ Cat
B :​ Horse
C: Rabbit
D: Goat
Answer: B:⁤ Horse

Q16: What is the favorite food of parrots?
A: Berries
B : Seeds ⁤
C: Nuts
D: Fish
Answer:⁤ B: Seeds

Q17: What types of birds‌ can fly?
A: All of them
B : Some
C: None
D: ⁤Most
Answer: A: All of them

Q18: How long do⁣ cats usually live? ⁤
A: 2-4 years
B⁤ : 5-7 years
C: 10-12 years
D: 15-20 years
Answer:‍ C: 10-12 years

Q19: What should you feed a hamster?
A: Cheese ‍
B : Fruits
C: Nuts ‍
D: ​Seeds
Answer: ‍D: ⁣Seeds

Q20: ​Do⁤ cats usually like water?
Options: ‍
A: ⁣Yes
B : No
C: Sometimes
D: Rarely
Answer: B: No

Pets are a great way to bring fun and responsibility‍ to⁢ the classroom.⁢ Through this quiz, students of class 1 can⁢ test their knowledge about My Pet⁢ and have fun while doing it.

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